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1.2 Whored Mode

One or two players can tackle this form of survival that is made up of 30 waves for each map. Chose from three different maps and five characters for some insane and hilarious challenges.

If you thought some of Activities and Diversions were funny, this mode takes the cake and shoves it in your face. This mode is not to be missed, as it features some new enemies and hilarious variations of other foes. Best of all, it saves your progress for each map so you can jump in at any time! Also, if you fail any mission it shows a progress bar to indicate how close you were to completion.

Outside of the special parameters for each wave, normal gameplay rules will apply. The biggest difference between this and the Campaign and other Activities are the numerous power-ups.

Gift-wrapped boxes and various weapons are strewn about the environment during these waves and the payoff can be anything from unlimited clips, to no reload or invincibility. Overall, the same tactics that get you through the Campaign can be applied here. Here are a few general tips:

It’s fun to charge into battle, but use cover if you are seriously outgunned or outnumbered.

Retreat to safety or run away to give yourself time to regenerate health.

Protect your flank and make the enemies come to you.

Go out of your way to collect the boxes and power-ups. These have a huge impact on your ability to complete each wave.

Use stairways or small alcoves to control the influx of incoming hordes.

Don’t forget about your grenades! There are tons of guns and lots of ammo, but a well-placed explosive can take out many enemies fast.

Zombie Island

This is the largest area for Whored Mode, as it takes place on the entire island of Arapice. There is plenty of room to run around and hide so use this to your advantage. If the action gets too hot, sprint behind barricades and other obstacles to regain your health. The streets are wide open, if that suits your playing style, and the pillars and cylindrical towers are a great place to take cover if you prefer...