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2.3 Mission 3: We're Going to Need Guns

Cash Earned: $4,000

Respect Earned: 1,000

Unlocks: New Crib—Shaundi’s Ex’s Apartment; New Weapon—Reaper Drone, Saintsbook, Upgrades

Go to Friendly Fire

Your initial meeting with the Syndicate didn’t go over very well and they are determined to eliminate the Saints. The head of the Syndicate, Phillipe, contacts the leaders of the other two criminal organizations (Luchadores and Deckers) and executes a plan to destroy the Saints. Not only does the Syndicate empty your bank accounts and put a price on your head, but you are stuck in their territory of Steelport.

Surviving in this new city will require a lot of resources—and in the world of underground crime, that means guns! The Saints do everything big-time and if they need weapons they go directly to the Guard Armory.

Run down the alleyway to the yellow indicator and steal your first car. Once you are in control of the vehicle, enter the Cell Phone Menu to access your map. The green icon for Friendly Fire will be the only thing you can select. Move your cursor over this icon and press the GPS button to plot a route to the gun store.



You can hijack a car simply by pressing the enter vehicle button, but that’s not the way the Saints roll. If you hold down the Awesome button while you steal a car, you will jump right through the window with a stylish and aggressive move that earns you a Bo-Du-Ken!

The minimap in the bottom-left corner provides a zoomed-out view of the route to take. The objective appears as a blue triangle on the minimap as well as a blue indicator on the HUD. The actual path you should travel appears as a series of green dots illustrated on the minimap...