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2.14 Mission 14: Return to Steelport

Cash Earned: $8,000

Respect Earned: 2,000

Unlocks: New Cribs—Angel’s Casino, Kinzie’s Warehouse, Zimos’s Carwash; New Weapon—Penatrator, Gang Customization

Recruit Three New Homies

The Hughes Memorial Bridge is the site of a political ribbon-cutting ceremony in Stilwater. The bridge is being dedicated by Senator Monica Hughes to her late husband, who gave his life fighting gang violence in Stilwater. The Saints funeral procession for Gat is stuck in traffic due to the closed bridge. The peaceful scene is about to take an ironic turn as a group of Luchadores smash through traffic and assault the Saints. The scene gets ugly really fast as the Saints, being chased by the Luchadores, crash through the media covering the event and nearly run over the senator. The signature green trucks of the Luchadores recklessly pursue the Saints while their brothers rain down a barrage of rockets. Killbane, the leader of the Luchadores, scores a direct hit on the Saints’ car and sends them into the water. To battle the Luchadores, the attack dogs of the Syndicate, the Saints need to enlist the help of several locals to aid in their quest to conquer Steelport.

Rescue Kinzie Kensington

The first new addition to your team is a mousey former FBI agent that apparently got booted from the fed when she was about to expose the Syndicate. The cyber gang, the Deckers, have her hostage on open waters and it’s up to the Saints to spring her. This is your first aquatic mission, but unfortunately it is rather short. Board the speedboat at the docks and follow the blue marker to find the barge. The typical approach to boarding the large sea vessel is to pull up close and slowly go up the docking ramp. Instead, build up as much speed as possible and launch your boat as far as you can onto the barge. The more air you get and the more distance you cover, the less boat battling you will have to do.

Kinzie is being held on the top tier of the barge but the boat is swarming with Decker guards...