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2.16 Kinzie's Arc (Activities 19-22, Mission 23)

Cash Earned: $2,000

Respect Earned: 200

Unlocks: Additional Trail Blazing Activities

Rewards: 4% Deckers District Control—$117 per hour

Activity Objectives: Pass 11 checkpoints in 25 seconds

Take a Ride in Cyberspace

When you call up Kinzie, she claims she needs help . . . with boxes. The boss of the Saints is going to help move boxes? When you meet her, Kinzie does manage to salvage your interest by telling you of a neat little program she’s developed that will allow you to damage the Deckers in cyberspace by playing a simple little video game. Good thing you’re a gamer!

Cyberspace Trail Blazing takes on an appearance similar to that of another film legacy updated rather recently.

You must race down a half-pipe of sorts, crashing through digitized tanks on the cyberscape, while evading firewalls. Hitting the tanks improves your time bonus by 2 seconds, which adds to your time limit as you reach each checkpoint. Hitting a firewall takes 2 seconds off the clock, and the tracks sometimes bury tanks among firewalls. Use your best judgement and avoid going for tanks if it means you have you run through a mess of firewalls first.

You do get some help on the track outside of Kinzie’s snarky commentary on your skills. You’ll see translucent spherical patches of blue and orange flame floating above the track surface. Driving through them unleashes a trail of flame that homes in on the nearest tank. This can help you safely destroy those well-protected tanks.

Despite the simplicity of this minigame, don’t get too careless. The half-pipe nature of the track means that if you swerve too wildly, you can end up slowed down or completely flipped over. On the later tracks, you absolutely cannot afford delays between checkpoints.

This first Cyberspace Trail Blazing is not very complex, but there are some tricky firewall traps that guard tanks between checkpoints 4 and 5. If you’re willing to risk it, you can graze the sides of firewalls and not incur a penalty. But what really counts the most on this and any future Cyberspace Trail Blazing activities is maintaining good speed through the whole track. You can miss many tanks, but as long as you’re evading the firewalls, you can make it to each checkpoint with time to spare.

After the seventh checkpoint, stay alert. A wide swath of firewalls covers the majority of the center of the track. If you’re really gutsy, you can try weaving through them, but it is best just to swerve wide to the sides of the pipe and bypass them all.

Mayhem (Kinzie’s Arc)

Cash Earned: $2,000

Respect Earned: 200

Unlocks: Additional Mayhem Activities

Rewards: 2% Deckers District Control—$53 per hour

Activity Objectives: Do $90,000 in damage in 5 minutes

Wreak Mayhem on the Deckers

Kinzie has a pretty big mad on for the Deckers. Mayhem activities, similar to the Tank Mayhem activities, are all about causing as much damage to the enemy as possible, only this time you are on foot and are definitely more vulnerable. Fortunately, you don’t go in badly equipped. Each activity provides you with suitable armament and unlimited ammunition.

Damages you cause start a combo meter, which can further amplify the cash you make toward the required amount. You can boost the meter by destroying vehicles, but you can also shoot or blow up pedestrians to slow the rate by which it decays. The higher the combo, the faster the meter drains.

Take full advantage of your grenades. You should never stop throwing them. Any time a Decker vehicle pulls up, a grenade should be right on it, with a second on its way for good measure.

Civilian vehicles tend to be worth a little more than a car packed full of Deckers, but they also tend to run away when being shot at. To solve this, cap the driver of the vehicle, then put a grenade on it.

Near the activity’s starting location, a gas station awaits your wrath. You can use this to keep your combo meter filled as you walk down the street. Also, throwing your grenades at buildings can help keep your combo meter filled, and is a good way to kill time while hunting down vehicles if they become scarce.

As long as you keep wiping out whole cars full of Deckers, they will keep sending more to fuel the fires.

Even with the relatively low level of resistance they present in this activity, you should be able to break $90,000 in damages well within the time limit.

Guardian Angel (Kinzie’s Arc)

Cash Earned: $2,000

Respect Earned: 200

Unlocks: None

Rewards: 2% Deckers District Control—$66 per hour

Activity Objectives: Protect Kinzie

Protect Kinzie While She Escapes

Kinzie’s hacking antics have made her a very attractive target for the Deckers, and she requests your help. You offer to come directly to her, but she has something different in mind. It’s time for another date with a helicopter, a sniper rifle, and unlimited rockets.

You start off this escort already dangling from the side of a building, sniper rifle out. Kinzie will be in the distance with several Saints guarding her...