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2.17 Angel's Arc (Missions 24-27)

Insurance Fraud (Angel’s Arc)

Cash Earned: $2,000

Respect Earned: 200

Unlocks: Additional Insurance Fraud Activities

Rewards: 2% Luchadores District Control—$79 per hour

Activity Objectives: Earn $80,000 in insurance settlements in 3:30

Ambulance Chaser

Go to Angel’s rundown casino to meet the self loathing wrestler. He lives a rough lifestyle to stay focused and to be reminded of what Killbane took from him. Angel wants to harden you up to take on the Luchadores. His philosophy is that by experiencing the worst pain imaginable you will become chiseled out of diamond and be tough enough to take on Killbane.

The first of six activities of this nature, Insurance Fraud is a great and fun way to abuse both the twisted legal realities of Steelport, and the physics of the game. The basics are simple. Use the controls to help ragdoll yourself into any and all oncoming vehicles, and while in midair, use the analog sticks to guide yourself into more oncoming vehicles to add to the painful combo.

It is important to ragdoll yourself wisely, because it takes time to recover regardless of whether you’ve been hit by a car, and you’re on the clock.

Every Insurance Fraud activity has specially marked bonus zones, typically in places where traffic at an intersection is heaviest. Take advantage of this to build your adrenaline meter. With that full, you can steer yourself in midair to a much greater degree, and chain some seriously nasty hits...