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2.23 Decker Arc (Missions 35-38)

Live! With Killbane (Decker Arc)

Cash Earned: $12,000

Respect Earned: 2,500

Unlocks: New Vehicle—Spotlight

Hack the Radio Towers

Meet Kinzie at Smiling Jacks to watch a disturbing telecast. Killbane has gone on a talk show to frame the Saints for the Hughes bridge incident and make himself seems less monstrous. The broadcast is coming from an undisclosed location. Get to the helicopter to try to triangulate the TV signal. You have 15 minutes to complete this mission. Get moving and make a beeline to the first tower.


There is a lot of running in this mission and you are up against the clock. It is a good time to upgrade the sprinting ability if you haven’t already done so.

Two radio towers need to be hacked into for you to get a line on where the secret interview is coming from. Fly to the first tower and land the helicopter on the obvious heliport illuminated with red light. The object is to place a transmitter near the large antenna to figure out where the broadcast originates. The Deckers use the antennas as part of their user-net and have guards to watch over them.

Wipe out the cyberpunks and plant the transmitter. It takes a while to actually place the transmitter, as indicated by the bar in the upper-left corner. Make sure the area is relatively clear of enemies before trying to install the device.

Second Antenna

When the transmitter is set, return to the chopper and waste no time getting to the next radio tower. Put the helicopter down on the next heliport and jump across to the ledge of the building from where the Deckers are firing...