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2.25 Stag Arc 2 (Missions 40-41)

Air Steelport (Stag Arc)

Cash Earned: $16,000

Respect Earned: 4,000

Unlocks: New Vehicle—STAG tank; New Weapon—Sonic Boom

Find the Sonic Boom

With the city of Steelport on lockdown, the best way to take the fight to STAG is in the air. Got to the airport to meet Viola and use her jet to prepare for another aerial adventure.

After you make a death-defying leap onto the STAG jet, the objective is to get to the cockpit but the door ahead of you is locked from the other side. Make a vane attempt to open the doors, then turn around to search the plane for something you can use to bust through.

There are three weapons crates to search, but not matter what order you open them in, the item you want is always in the last one. Before getting the goodies in the crates, there is the not-so-small problem of dealing with STAG commandos. These soldiers are the most heavily armored and elusive enemies you have fought. It will take a lot more shots to bring them down and they are agile enough to make it difficult to get a bead on them. Stay behind the crates and pick off the few guards roaming below.

Don’t forget to take out the roaming commando on the upper walkway. It is easy to forget about this guy because he moves around a lot and also climbs down to the bottom level. At some point, while you take on the couple of commandos below, he will appear and it’s better to take him out while behind cover than to deal with him amid the other guards...