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2.18 Mission 28: Trojan Whores

Trojan Whores

Cash Earned: $8,000

Respect Earned: 2,000

Unlocks: New Vehicle—Gunship

Trick Hos

With Phillipe crushed under a huge metal rolling ball the Syndicate is leaderless.

Killbane brings the leaders of the other crime organizations together for a friendly meeting. The logical choice to replace Loren would be the twin DeWynter sisters because they helped him run the business. When a member of the Deckers suggest the obvious choice he get a chair to the face from Killbane. The big Luchadores boss wants to be in charge and, at this point, the others aren’t about to argue with him. He tells the sisters to come up with a plan to prove their usefulness. Meanwhile, the Saints also hold a meeting with their new Steelport partners. Now that they have some local backup and the resources they need it’s time to wipe out the Syndicate and take over Steelport.

Pierce and Zimos are throwing a roaring party to revive moral at the Saint’s HQ but Shaundi is not happy about it. The loss of Johnny still weighs heavily on Shaundi’s mind and she is not cool with the Saints celebrating anything, including the limited success they’ve had in Steelport.

Courtesy of your new pimp buddy Zimos, the Saints HQ is packed with hos. But these aren’t the hos you’ve been looking for. These trick hos were hired by the DeWynter sister to take out the Saints. The party goes from good times to survival mode as the hos whip out their weapons and open fire...