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Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure Main Story Walkthrough

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure eGuide by prima games

Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure Main Story Walkthrough

Main Story Walkthrough

Platform Used: XBOX 360

Note: This walkthrough should be completely compatible with the PS3 and PC versions of the game. However, the Wii version of this game may have some distinct differences from the versions on other platforms.

Welcome to the walkthrough for Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure. An amazingly popular game, Skylanders marked the beginning of a new direction for the Spyro the Dragon franchise.

An adventure game played from an overhead view, Skylanders allows players to use up to 32 different characters, divided among 8 specific elements, to explore the 22 main levels of the game, either by themselves or with a friend. The base game comes with three Skylanders figures, each representing one of the elements: Spyro the Dragon (Magic element), Gill Grunt (Water element), and Trigger Happy (Tech element). By placing one of the figures on the Portal of Power, you’ll be able to control that Skylander in the game.

In addition to the main single-player story levels, Adventure Packs that include a new Skylander, magic items, and a new level to explore, can also be found at retailers. In order to fully complete every level in the game, you will need at least one Skylander of each element. As the additional levels found in Adventure Packs are optional, this walkthrough will only focus on gameplay basics and the original 22 chapters in the game.

Because there are so many different Skylanders, this walkthrough will not assume you have specific ones. It is possible to complete the game in its entirety so long as you have one Skylander of each element.

How to Play

Note: The following controls are for the Xbox 360 version of the game. The controls on the Sony PS3, PC, Nintendo 3DS and the Nintendo Wii will differ.

  • Pause Game: Start Button

  • Left Stick: Movement/Aim Turret

  • A button: Primary Attack

  • X Button: Second Attack

  • B Button/Left Trigger/Left Bumper: Special Attack (This must be unlocked before it can be used for each Skylander)/Fire Turret

  • Y Button: Interact with Non-Player Characters or certain environmental objects (look for an icon to indicate you can interact with)

  • Right Stick: When moved up and down, the right stick lets you use keys, pickaxes, and throw bombs. When moved from side to side, the right stick allows you to open treasure chests and gift boxes. An on screen prompt will let you know what you need to do with the right stick when appropriate.

  • Back Button: Brings up the details of your current Skylander

  • D-Pad: Navigate current menu

In addition to the basic controls, the Portal of Power that comes with the game allows you to switch Skylanders as you explore each area, allowing you to break through Elemental Gates that requires specific element Skylanders, discover hidden paths, and even gain the advantage in battle.

The object of every chapter in Skylanders is to explore every area as thoroughly as possible, defeating enemies that get in your way and collecting the experience orbs they drop, and collecting as much treasure as possible to gain money. Certain areas reward you for using Skylanders of a particular element, granting you attack bonuses, unlock Elemental Gates, even opening up hidden passages to new locations.

Skylander Stats

All Skylanders have special statistics that determine their overall strength and durability in battle: Max Health, Speed, Armor, Critical Hit, and Elemental Power. Heroics and Hero Level do not directly affect the abilities of your Skylander by themselves.

  • Max Health: This determines how much damage you can take, and it is the easiest stat to increase. Collect the experience points dropped by defeated enemies to level up, which will boost your Max Health total. This is the only way to increase this stat, and it is the only stat that benefits from Victory Point leveling.

  • Speed: This determines how fast your Skylander moves around. Can be increased by wearing special Hats, or through completing specific Heroic Challenges.

  • Armor: This stat determines how often your Skylander will block incoming attacks. Blocking is not controlled by you, so boosting this stat can be helpful. However, the best defense for any situation is simply to avoid getting hit in the first place. Can be increased by wearing special Hats, or through completing specific Heroic Challenges.

  • Critical Hit: A Critical Hit is when your attacks do fifty percent more damage to an enemy. Having a high Critical Hit rating is valuable for later chapters in the story, as well as for handling some of the harder Heroic Challenges. Can be increased by wearing special Hats, or through completing specific Heroic Challenges.

  • Elemental Power: As you explore the Skylands, you’ll find yourself in areas where you are told a specific element is enhanced in strength. Elemental Power is the stat that determines the effect of that boost, and it also determines how much damage you do in multiplayer against a Skylander of the same element. If you’re constantly switching Skylanders for every zone a boost is present, improving this stat is a good move. Can be increased by wearing special Hats, or through completing specific Heroic Challenges.

  • Heroics: This is simply the number of Heroic Challenges you’ve completed.

- Hero Level: This is the level you’ve reached on the Skylanders: Spyro’s Universe game on the official website.


Hidden throughout the 22 story levels of the game are special Hats. These hats can increase specific stats. Once you have a hat, every Skylander you own can actually wear it, so there’s no need to find multiple hats for every character. Early on, hats are a great way to provide boosts to a character, especially for new Skylanders that haven’t had much of a chance to complete Heroic Challenges. Remember that there are special bonus Skylanders you can find in stores, such as Dark Spyro. The variants of a Skylander do not yield a seperate Heroic Challenge from their regular counterparts.

Heroic Challenges

After meeting Cali in the second chapter of the game, you are able to talk with her in the Ruins hub between missions to take on Heroic Challenges. New challenges are unlocked for every new Skylander you place on your Portal of Power and claim ownership of. As Cali warns you, these challenges can be very tough. Still, as these are the only way to permanently increase the stats of a Skylander without the use of a Hat, they are worth tackling.

Attacks, Special Attacks, Upgrades

Every Skylander you acquire starts with two basic attacks. As you play the game, you can unlock Special Attacks and Upgrades for each Skylander. To purchase upgrades, you first must meet the character Persephone, and she will set up shop at the Ruins hub. Money you acquire during each level can be used to buy the upgrades from her store. Be aware that money is not shared between Skylanders, so if there’s a character you are determined to build up, you may wish to keep them active for the majority of your exploration of a level, to ensure they get the most money possible.

Special Attacks become available for purchase after locating a Skylander’s Soul Gem in one of the levels. These Special Attacks are expensive to purchase, so be prepared to do a little legwork to afford this upgrade.

After improving a Skylander four times with their basic upgrades, you have to decide which upgrade path you’d like to take them down. Of the four new choices presented, you can only take one, and this decision can only be undone by resetting the Skylander, which removes all gathered experience points, levels, stat increases from Heroic Challenges, and money acquired. Be very certain you want to do this, as a reset cannot be undone!

Main Walkthrough

Every level in the game has three Stars that can be acquired by meeting three sets of requirements. The Chapter Star is received for just beating the level. The Completion and Collection stars are a bit more complicated. For the Completion Star, you will need to defeat a certain number of enemies, avoid losing a Skylander in battle, visit every named area in a given level, and clear the level under a certain time. For the Collection Star, you need to find every hidden Soul Gem, Legendary Treasure, Hat, Treasure Chest, and Story scroll in a level.

Fortunately, the individual requirements for the Completion and Collection stars do not need to be done in a single runthrough of a level. This way, if you’re missing the element needed to open an Elemental Gate or forget to pick up a treasure chest, you can always come back later to check that requirement off. It’s best to do everything else you can in a stage first, then come back to it later to do the speed run, since you’ll have much less to worry about.

Chapter 1: Shattered Island

Chapter Star

  • Rescue the Villagers Completion Star
  • Enemy Goal
  • No Lives Lost
  • All Areas Found
  • Cleared in under 03:48 Collections Star
  • Soul Gems: 1
  • Legendary Treasure
  • Hats: 3
  • Treasure Chests: 3
  • Story Scroll

Fractured Vista

The Shattered Island acts as basic tutorial to the way the game plays. So long as you pay attention to the help the game provides here, you’ll know just about everything you need to in order to defeat the forces of Kaos. After the introduction to the stage, Hugo will tell you to place a Skylander on the portal of power, any of the ones you have will do. Cross the wooden bridge, it will be destroyed by falling a falling meteor as you cross.

Make sure you smash any destroyable objects you come across as you play the game. It’s one of the ways you get money to upgrade your characters later on in the game.

After crossing a smaller second bridge, Eon will tell you to destroy obstacles in your path, including the wooden fence in your way. Any Skylander is capable of doing this, some might be faster at it than others. Beyond this barrier, Snuckles points to a canon that can be used to break through another barrier preventing the villagers from escaping. Use the action button to fire the cannon, and make sure you fire it twice. The Legendary Treasure is inside a building the second shot destroys in a later section of the level.

Old Town

One of the villagers, Rizzo, says you need a key to open the gate past the barrier you destroyed, and you’ll get a short tutorial about how to use keys. Once you open the gate, you can proceed into the next area: the Market Curve.

Market Curve

To your right as you enter this area, you can find a Treasure Chest. Unlocking these requires you to follow the onscreen prompts, allowing to shake the padlocks right off the chest. Not exactly the most secure locks in the world! Check around for the Legendary Treasure as well.

In the distance, you’ll see another cannon that can be used to blast open another debris pile that blocks the way to a shattered bridge, as well as the key you need to progress into Turtle Gully. You might notice the Story Scroll on the other side of the broken bridge. You can’t get to it from here, but you will soon. Take the key to the gate and unlock the way to the next area.

Turtle Gully

You’ll meet Nort, who tells you that a large turtle is blocking the way to the next area, and your Skylander needs to push it aside. This is as simple as walking up to the turtle in the direction the arrows on it’s back point. You’ll need to push it three times to fully clear the path for the citizens.

After this, you’ll see coins leading to another pair of turtles blocking the way forward. Follow the arrow prompts to push these guys out of your way. The second turtle of this pair needs to be pushed across the whole bridge, and you can then push it into filling a gap leading to a Magic Elemental Gate. Flynn will introduce himself, but make sure you push the turtle into the gap and explore that side area before taking the bounce pads up to him.

Turtle Hideout (Access requires Magic Skylander)

This side area is beyond the first Elemental Gate of the game, and requires a Magic Skylander to open. Beyond the gate is a floating island occupied by four turtles, which must be pushed aside to allow access to the Viking Helmet (+5 to Critical Hit), as well as a Soul Gem. The gem allows you to purchase the Skylander Chop Chop’s “Cursed Bone Brambler” power, but if you’re starting out you don’t have access to Persephone’s shop just yet. After collecting these items, go back up the path to Turtle Gully, and take the bounce pads up to Flynn. Take care not to skip the Story Scroll after using the second bounce pad.

Chompie Pit

After talking to Flynn, you’ll be sent into the Chompie Pit. If you switch to a Skylander that can cross water, you can cross the small stream to reach a Treasure Chest. Some Skylanders will swim across, others can use the power of flight to float over it. The Starter Pack for Skylanders includes Gill Grunt, so you can use him to get early access to the chest.

The exit from this area is blocked by a Monster Gate. When you approach it, Blobbers will warn you that Chompies are on your side of the gate. You need to defeat 15 of them to proceed. These are not tough enemies, just make sure to avoid their bite attacks. After beating back the Chompies, the gate opens. To your right is a Tech Elemental Gate, and to your left is a Water Elemental Gate.

Floating Mills (Access requires Tech Skylander)

Opening the Tech Elemental Gate grants access to the Floating Mills. A pair of spinning blades guard the path to a present with an Anvil Hat. The blades move fairly slow, so a quick Skylander can easily run past. For example, if you use Spyro, his Charge attack can easily get him past the blades. Characters with the ability to fly can also bypass the blades by flying over them.

Whirlpool Falls (Access requires Water Skylander)

This section can act as a secondary passage to the Treasure Chest in the Chompie Pit. Take a Water Skylander to open the gate, then use the whirlpool beyond the gate to teleport to another ledge near a small pond. One of the coin paths will take you back to the Chompie Pit and the Treasure Chest, if you skipped it earlier. Another will guide you to a bounce pad that takes you to a higher ledge and another bounce pad. The secon pad takes you to another present, where a Pan Hat awaits.

With both gates opened and explored, follow Blobbers up the ramps to the Ancient Landmark.

Ancient Landmark

After you clear out the Chompies in the area, push the turtle into the gap to the left, then climb up the ramps and cross the turtle to the waiting cannon. Firing this cannon wil blast open another pile of rubble that leads to another key. Use the bounce pad near the cannon to cross over to the key. Don’t miss the Treasure Chest close to the key.

Once you have cleaned up the area of goodies and baddies, use the last key to open the final gate and rescue the royal family. If you’ve followed this walkthrough carefully, you should have almost everything checked off for a three-star run, except for the time limit. Fortunately, your progress on the stars is saved, so you can come back here through the Chapter Select menu and do a speed run through the whole stage to achieve your third star.


You will be visiting these ruins often throughout your adventure, after every chapter you clear. At first, you will not have access to the vast majority of the services available at the Ruins, but there is some money to be found here. Near the center of the Ruins, a Totem requiring Magic, Water, and Tech Skylanders can be broken down to earn a nice chunk of money. When you’re ready to get on with the adventure, talk to Flynn, and he will fly you to the Perilous Pastures.

Chapter 2: Perilous Pastures

Chapter Star

  • Find Cali

Completion Star

  • Enemy Goal

  • No Lives Lost

  • All Areas Found

  • Cleared in under 03:51

Collections Star

  • Soul Gems: 1

  • Legendary Treasure

  • Hats: 2

  • Treasure Chests: 3

  • Story Scroll

Sunflower Ridge

The start of Chapter 2 introduces you to areas infused with elemental power. Using a matching Skylander of the local element will increase the damage you do. Coincidentally, as you approach the first locked gate after crossing a wooden bridge, the area’s element is Tech, and there is a matching Elemental Gate you can open with a Tech Skylander. Before you use the key found in this area, open up the Elemental Gate to step into the Bleating Highlands.

Bleating Highlands (Access requires Tech Skylander)

Once the Tech gate is opened, use the bounce pad at the end of the newly formed bridge, to reach another platform with a second bounce pad. This will take you to a large battle, where you will face down Chompy Pods, each producing a constant supply of Chompies, with Drow Spearmen thrown in for good measure. If you’re using a Tech Skylander, the elemental bonus here should allow you to make short work of the enemies. After the battle is won, explore this island thoroughly, as there’s a lot of money near the large structure.

After this, look for a line of coins leading down to another platform with two bounce pads on it, and another line of coins leading to another large island with lots of breakables and another Chompy Pod. Destroying it reveals two more bounce pads, one leading you back to the platform you fell from, and another that takes you to a small island with another Chompy Pod. Take it out and use the new bounce pads that appear to propel yourself up to a Treasure Chest.

If you go back to the small island with the two bounce pads side by side, and take the left pad, you’ll find a present with a Cowboy Hat inside. From this island, follow another line of coins back down to the Sunflower Ridge. You’ll land near a Soul Gem for Stump Smash’s “Waterlogged” ability.

Sunflower Ridge Continued

With the Bleating Highlands cleared of items and enemies, move on through the locked gate with the Key you receive near it. Push the turtles beyond the gate to act as a bridge, then cross over their backs and follow the path down to another key and a locked gate protected by a Drow Spearmen. Once you get through the gate, you’ll arrive in the Fairy Ring.

Fairy Ring

There’s a Chompy Pod in the center of the Ring, with a Story Scroll on the right side of this area. To the left, a turtle blocks the way to a side area. Push it twice to cause two Drow Spearmen to attack. Once they are beaten, push the turtle back into place, and use it to cross the gap and recover the key that opens the locked gate.

For players on a speed run, one neat trick involves using a Life Skylander to open a hidden path to the left of the small house beyond the locked gate. A bridge will form that that takes you to an island. You can drop down from this island to land near the Legendary Treasure, and a button that opens the way to the Landing Deck, the last area of this chapter. This is the only way to reach the Legendary Treasure.

If you don’t have a Life Skylander or want to explore the rest of the level, continue down the main path to the right and break through the wooden barriers. There is a turtle along the way, sitting next to a Treasure Chest. Push the turtle into the gap, then switch to a Water Skylander to open the Elemental Gate leading to the Ancient Stones area. Take the Whirlpool beyond the gate.

Ancient Stones (Access requires Water Skylander)

The block puzzle in this area is a bit more challenging than the turtles you’ve been pushing around so far. Of the first set of blocks you find, push the center one onto the teleport circle, and then the blocks on either side of where the first block sat out one space apiece. Next, push the two blocks on either side of the teleport circle down one space. Push the block that was on the circle one space to the left, and enter the teleport.

You will appear in the middle of a larger formation of blocks. Push the block to the right one space, then the block above it one space to the right. Collect the money hidden in the gap you’ve made, then the block past the money up one space. Push the block to your left down one space, as well as the block to the left of it. Follow this new gap until you reach another block that can be pushed one space to the left, then push the block to the left of the second teleport circle up one space, and enter the circle. You will appear on an island with a Treasure Chest. Drop down from this island onto one of the blocks you pushed around, and walk along the blocks (it’s possible to walk diagonally between blocks) to the teleport circle atop one of the blocks. This will take you to a Present containing the Birthday Hat. This will clear the area of valuables, and you can return to the Fairy Ring area via the whirlpool.

Push the turtle until you eventually push it into another gap. Continue forward until you reach the Landing Dock.

Landing Dock

A trio of Drow Spearmen rush you as you travel down the path leading into the Landing Dock. Deal with them first before you go after the Chompy Pods that are spawning Chompies all over the area. Once the enemies are defeated, hop into the turret and shoot the locks off the gate that seperates you from Cali. With her free, the chapter is completed, and you’re taken back to the Ruins.

Ruins Redux

With Cali’s only danger being Flynn’s romantic advances, she now offers you the ability to take on Heroic Challenges while you visit the Ruins. In order to find out where you go next, you need to clear out the trees from the southern part of the Ruins. This will let Hugo figure out where you need to go next, the Sky Schooner Docks.

Chapter 3: Sky Schooner Docks

Chapter Star

  • Find the Golden Propeller

Completion Star

  • Enemy Goal

  • No Lives Lost

  • All Areas Found

  • Cleared in under 07:59

Collections Star

  • Soul Gems: 1

  • Legendary Treasure

  • Hats: 2

  • Treasure Chests: 3

  • Story Scroll

Glider Tower

Take the teleporter away from Flynn down to the Glider Tower. You’ll be confronted by a lone Drow Spearman. After dispatching him, cross the bridge, and follow the path to the right up the side of the tower. Another Spearman will attack you on the way up, and a Chompy Pod. Once the pod is destroyed, take the key back down the tower to the locked gate, and cross the next bridge.

On this this island, you’ll find a turret. Enter the turret to start a mini-game where your goal is to shoot down 15 zeppelins. The shots you fire are somewhat slow, so lead your targets to hit them. Also take note of the hot air balloons dropping gems into the sky. Shooting these gems will provide cash money rewards after you destroy the fifteenth zeppelin. After winning the minigame, the barrier preventing you from advancing is destroyed, and you can cross another bridge where you encounter your first Drow Witch. These Drow rapidly retreat from you while throwing disk blades. A Skylander with good ranged attacks, or a fast melee Skylander is a good bet against them.

After beating the first Witch, the wooden walkway to your right contains two more Witches to fight. After dealing with them, you can continue straight along the walkway to find an Undead Elemental Gate that leads to the Propeller Farm.

Propeller Farm (Access requires an Undead Skylander)

Aptly named, the Propeller Farm is filled with many prop blades spinning at the center of each of these islands. It can be tough to navigate this area because of how fast the blades move, so it helps to bring a quick Skylander into this area, otherwise you stand to take a lot of damage. Time your runs between platforms to make sure you don’t hit the blades. You will eventually reach a bounce pad that takes you to a platform flanked by two propellers, with a teleporter in the safe spot on the platform. Ignore the teleporter for now, and keep moving forward. After evading more prop blades and using bounce pads to advance further into the farm, you will eventually find a Treasure Chest and a Gate Key. Now head back to the teleporter.

You will arrive at a locked gate, which leads to another propeller with four blades. This propeller moves fast enough that you may have to use the bounce pads on the platform to avoid taking damage. Once you make it past this final trap, you’ll find a Present with the Propeller Cap inside. After this, a teleporter can be taken back to the entrance of the Propeller Farm. Head back into the Glider Tower area, and take the left path from the wooden walkways that you passed before.

Glider Tower Continued

A Drow Witch and Chompy Pod await you in this next area, make certain to collect what you can from all of the breakables here, then move on to the next turret. The minigame here will first have you take down 8 Zepplins, followed by a single Heavy Airship, the latter of which actually presenting a credible threat to your turret. Once the Heavy Airship appears, concentrate your fire on it until it crashes through the next barrier.

Fortress Tower

As you enter this area, you encounter an Air Spell Punk and a pair of Drow Spearmen. Don’t rush at them just yet, check to your left for a Story Scroll. Then take on the badguys. You’ll soon learn that the Air Spell Punk casts a protective shield on nearby allies, making it a priority target in any encounter. Once it goes down, take out the Spearmen. A path will open to your left, but don’t take it just yet. Take the path to the right, avoiding the exploding plants to locate a Treasure Chest. Now go through the gate you just opened.

This is another large encounter, where you face off against a another Air Spell Punk, and a group of Drow Witches and Spearmen. Take down the Punk first, then unload on the others. Another gate will open up, but take the time to explore this area first. If you head back down south, you’ll find a balcony with a Soul Gem that unlocks the “Resonant Frequency” ability for the Air Skylander, Sonic Boom. Next, head back up north, but take the passage on the left side of the walkway. This leads to an Earth Elemental Gate.

Kaw’s Islands (Access requires an Earth Skylander)

Use the bounce pads in this area to climb up the ledges, eventually you will reach a floating island with rocks orbiting it. Avoiding the rocks, use the bounce pads to travel between islands until you reach a platform with a Present containing the Jester Hat. Ignore the teleporter on this platform, and walk off the left side of it. You’ll land on another platform with a Treasure Chest. You can then take a teleporter here back to the entrance of this area.

Fortress Tower Continued

After you pass through the gate you opened by defeating the enemies, you will run into Persephone, who will be an important addition to your Ruins crew. A Drow airship will arrive, and you’ll need to board it to proceed.

Four Drow Spearmen rush you as you board the vessel, and once they are beaten, a Goliath Drow charges onto the scene. Do not let these guys charge into you, as they can cause heavy damage. If you’re feeling aggressive, you can interrupt their charges by constantly striking them just as they prepare to charge. At the top deck of the vessel another Goliath and a pair of Witches will attack. Concentrate on the Goliath, as they Witches attacks are significantly less dangerous than the Goliath charge. With the ship’s crew defeated, two drawbridges will allow access to the next two areas of the Chapter. Go back down to the lower deck of the ship, and cross that drawbridge first.

Follow this path until you reach a building with a teleporter inside it’s door. Use it, and you’ll appear on a platform with a Chompy Pod and another teleporter. Destroy the Pod, then take the teleport to another platform that holds the Legendary Treasure. With that, drop off the left side of the platform and return to the airship. Take the drawbridge on the upper deck to the final section of the chapter.

Shoreline Tower

This last area is simple. Crash through the breakables on the way down to the final turret, where you must take down a heavy airship. Ignore the other zepplins in the area and focus on the main target, as it can do a lot of damage to your turret. While you can always try this mini-game again, this might ruin a speed run of the level. Once the airship is destroyed, collect the propeller you need to wrap this chapter up.

Another Trip to the Ruins

With Persephone rescued, you now have a means to spend all of that cash you’ve been collecting from Treasure Chests and breakables throughout all of the levels. After you’ve set up the store with Persephone and checked out what you can buy, talk to Flynn to head to the next chapter.

Chapter 4: Stormy Stronghold

Chapter Star

  • Rebuild the Bridge

  • Find the Eternal Air Source

Completion Star

  • Enemy Goal

  • No Lives Lost

  • All Areas Found

  • Cleared in under 07:59

Collections Star

  • Soul Gems: 1

  • Legendary Treasure

  • Hats: 2

  • Treasure Chests: 3

  • Story Scroll

Lower Reach

Follow the steps and make sure you break through the brick wall on the right for the Story Scroll. Continue following this path until you find a key and a locked gate, guarded by a Chompy Pod. After you go through the gate, you’ll chase an Air Spell Punk down a ramp covered with plants that bounce you around if you touch them. At the bottom of the ramp, you’ll find that the Punk is joined by some Drow Spearmen. Once the enemy is beaten, you can either continue on to the left, or open the Life Elemental Gate on the right, if you’ve got the correct Skylanders for the job.

The Approach and The Upper Reach (Access requires a Life Skylander)

After opening the Life gate, the new bridge takes you to a simple block puzzle. Use the two blocks closest to the gap to creat part of a bridge, then push the third block off the island to reveal a teleporter to the Upper Reach. When you arrive at your destination, push the block to your left off the platform and follow it down to the first platform. Use this block to complete the bridge, then go collect the Fez Hat in the Present.

Now head back to the Upper Reach via the teleport, and push the block to the right of where you arrive over until you bridge another gap. A Treasure Chest can be found on the other side. Once you claim these items, go back to the lower reach and break through the brick wall to reach the next area.

The Battlement

The Battlement is essentially a long corridor, filled with spike traps and guarded by Drow enemies. The spikes fire out from the ground and retract at regular intervals, so it is possible to time your moves to avoid getting hurt by these traps. Use a quick Skylander if you can to minimize the risk. Your goal here is to find the Lightning Pylons and follow the on screen prompts to lower them into the ground, recreating a part of the bridge for the first primary objective. Watch out for the bounce plants, as they can knock you into enemies and traps alike.

After your first Lightning Pylon is lowered, a gate will be opened, allowing you to continue towards the second Pylon. When you crash through a wooden barrier, you’re ambushed by a Drow Witch, Spearmen, Chompies, and a Chomp Pod. Exploding plants are mixed in with the bounce plants, and can lead to some damage if you’re reckless. Shortly after defeating this ambush, you will find the second Pylon. The Drow Witch protecting it will be joined by a large group of Drow Spearmen.

After the second Pylon is lowered you must evade another set of spike traps, and eventually will come across as branch in the path. Take that side branch if you’ve got an Air Skylander, as beyond the Drow guarding the side path you’ll find an Air Elemental Gate.

Sky Ramparts (Access requires an Air Skylander)

Once the Air gate is opened, a small tornado appears. and entering it takes you to the Sky Ramparts. A treasure Chest is found almost immediately.

There are a lot of spike traps in this area, and you’ll need to be clever with the bounce pads to pass over them. A Skylander with decent speed helps with making the jumps easier. Trying to rush through this section will only get you hurt, so don’t forget to time your movements. As you move past this first section, take note of the brick wall you pass. You can use a bomb you find later to break it open for some extra cash.

You’ll eventually come across a platforming challenge that requires you to leap from block to block via a network of bounce pads, eventually leaping from pad to pad until you are able to reach a raised platform with a bomb resting atop it. If you use a swift Skylander, you can run the bomb back towards the brick wall and toss it at the wall to break it open for the hidden gems.

Going up from the ramp with the bomb, you have to hit that gray switch on the raised platform in the upper right part of this section, but to do this, you need to navigate through the network spike traps and narrow passages, use a bounce pad to get on top of another set of blocks, and navigate back towards the platform with the button. This will lower a series of blocks on the lower side of this section, allowing you to take the bomb and easily run it to the bounce pad on the far left of this area. Jump up to the next raised platform on the left, and throw the bomb at the brick wall. Another series of bounce pads will take you back towards the left, and if you make it across, you’ll arrive at a Present with a Fancy Hat inside. After this, you can go back to the Battlement and continue lowering the remaining Lightning Pylons.

The Battlement Continued

Continuing past the split, you'll encounter another Witch and her friends protecting the third Lightning Pylon. After this, you’ll encounter another Witch and a Goliath at the end of a wooden ramp. Pressing on, be very careful with the spike traps leading up to the final Pylon, as there are a number of bounce plants that are placed specifically to try and send you back into the traps.

The final Pylon is protected by a squad of Spearmen, but once they crumble before you, you can easily reconstruct the bridge. Don’t cross it right away! There’s a barrel barrier protecting a Treasure Chest and a teleporter that you can break through, and once you use the teleporter, you’ll arrive on an island where you can find the Legendary Treasure. Now you can use the bridge you’ve reconstructed to enter the final gauntlet.

The Inner Keep

This area consists of a path that winds around the side of a tower, filled with enemies and traps the whole way. This is one of your tougher fights yet, and it starts with the appearance of your first Windbag Djinni. These guys are not to be taken lightly, the lightning blasts they fire can drain your health in seconds if you stay still long enough to get hit by them. Once the Windbag is down, the gate to the right opens. The barrels here are filled with Chompies, which should still be taken down either way for the extra experience points.

As you climb the keep, you will also be attacked by Drow Witches on raised platforms that are along the side of the path. You may not have a Skylander with the ability to hit them. Try to power past them. You might notice a Soul Gem behind a locked gate as you climb up this section, but you can’t get to it just yet. After evading more spike traps, bounce plants, and bomb plants, you’ll reach a part of the keep where a massive door opens, with Spearmen flooding out while a Goliath and a Witch also attack you. Deal with them.

After this fight, you can continue up the Keep, but make sure you explore the area near this door thoroughly. A switch can be found behind a cluster of jars, opening the gate protecting the Soul Gem. You have limited time to get back to the Gem, so pick a fast Skylander. The gem unlocks the Thick Shelled power for the Air Skylander Warnado.

Head back towards the switch you hit and climb up the ramp. An extensive spike trap awaits you , and you’ll have to time your movements to stay in the safe spot between rising spikes. After this trap, you have another run up to the top of the tower, where the final showdown of the chapter begins. You’re confronted by an Air Spell Punk and several Witches, followed by two Goliaths and Drow Spearmen.

As always, the Punk is the priority, then lay into the Goliaths while staying on the move. Everyone else is much less of a problem without the Punk or Goliaths around. Your final opponents will be two Windbag Djinni, which can be a day ruiner if you let they catch you with their lightning blasts. Stay calm, stay on the move, and hit them when you can. After they fall, you can collect the Eternal Air Source at the center of this arena to wrap up the chapter.

Ruins, Part Four: Ruins Harder

This visit is important as it allows you to begin finding Winged Sapphires at the Ruins. Look for the blue butterflies flapping about, and each one you find provides a discount at Persephone’s store. The first of these is located right next to her.

After this, go down to the unlocked beach area to meet Gurglefin. A mini-game to open the lock to his cell appears. It’s a simple game, with the objective being to get the imp to fall onto the buttons in the lock. You can solve this in five moves by rotating in the following order: right, left, left, right, right. There’s no time limit or move limit, so if you make a mistake you can keep rotating until you eventually hit al of the buttons in the lock. Once freed, Gurglefin reveals your next destination and mission. Talk to him again when you’re ready to go.

Chapter 5: Oilspill Island

Chapter Star

  • Free the caged Gillmen

  • Destroy the Troll Refinery

Completion Star

  • Enemy Goal

  • No Lives Lost

  • All Areas Found

  • Cleared in under 07:59

Collections Star

  • Soul Gems: 2

  • Legendary Treasure

  • Hats: 1

  • Treasure Chests: 3

  • Story Scroll

Tadpole Island

As soon as you’re able to start exploring, check behind the small house to your left to find the Story Scroll.

Access Platform Alpha

Follow the pier until you encounter your first Troll Greasemonkey. By himself, he’s not much of a threat as long as you stay at a distance and pelt him with ranged attacks. Afterwards, push the crystal you see into the laser to bend the beam into another switch to open the gate.

If you use a Skylander capable of passing over water, take the side path to the right before you cross the gate, leading to the Sludge Marsh.

Sludge Marsh

A quick trip over the oily waters here rewards you with a Soul Gem for Wham-Shell, a Water Skylander. This unlocks the “Carapace Plating” ability for purchase. You can either continue forward and climb up a ramp into the next area, or you can go back to Access Platform Alpha to take a different route.

Access Platform Beta

You encounter a Tech Spell Punk, gaurded by some Greasemonkeys. The Tech Punk is a ranged combatant that will try to lock it’s spells onto you before firing. Check the ground in the area to see where the Punk has targeted the spell. After this short fight, climb up the ramp on the right and take the bounce pad up to the side platform to the left to find a Treasure Chest. Keep moving forward. Following the pier, you’ll also come across a Blaster Troll. Their weapon isn’t able to hit you from long distance, so if you’ve got an effective ranged Skylander, these trolls will rarely pose a problem until they get close.

Drill Platform Delta

Another laser beam puzzle greets you as you enter this area. Using the switch, turn the beam until it’s facing a 45 defree angle to the north east, then push the other prism up twice to focus the beam onto the other crystal switch, opening the gate to the next platform.

Here, you can collect a key and free the first trapped Gillman, leaving four more to go. After this, push the Prism down once and left once, then rotate the laser until it is redirected by the prism to hit the crystal switch in the distance, opening another gate. Don’t rush to this gate just yet. Explore the pier to the left of this puzzle to find another Treasure Chest beyond a set of destroyable oil barrels. If you switch to your Skylander capable of passing over water, you can drop back into the Sludge Marsh here and collect another Soul Gem to the left of the Pier. This unlocks the Troll Bomb Boot ability for Boomer, a Fire Skylander.

When you’re ready, move through the gate you just opened up. A Troll Grenadier will try to bombard you from a raised platform, while three more attack from the ground level, You need to flick the switch for the laser puzzle here four times to open the next gate, and you can use this beam to immediately wipe out any Grenadier it touches. Don’t miss out on the key and the Gillman you can free here. Three more to rescue!

After the gate is opened, you can pass through it to see a group of Greasemonkeys marching down a ramp to attack you. After they are dealt with go up the ramp they were guarding to find a Key to save the nearby Gillman, as well as a Fire Elemental Gate. The gate leads to The Refinery.

The Refinery (Access requires a Fire Skylander)

This maze can be a bit confusing, but as long as you follow the directions here, you’ll be able to access the Present with the Plunger Hat and the Legendary Treasure.

  • 1) First, drop into the flames. You’ll be taken to a platform with three pipes, only two of which are open. Take the left pipe.

  • 2) At the next platform, take the left pipe of the two that are available. You’ll be taken to the Present containing the Plunger Hat.

  • 3) From the Present platform (ha) take the left pipe of the two that are available.

  • 4) Take the left pipe again. You’ll arrive at a platform with a bounce pad on it. use the pad to collect some money, then take the right pipe.

  • 5) The platform you arrive in only has one exit, but it has a very important switch that must be hit. It will open the middle pipe from the first step. Take the exit pipe back to the bounce pad platform after the switch is hit.

  • 6) This time, take left pipe, and from this new platform, take the right pipe. You will end up back at the start of this maze, the three pipes. Take the center pipe now to arrive at the platform containing the Legendary Treasure, and you’re done with this little maze!

Drill Platform Delta Continued

With the key located near the Fire Gate, you can free the Gillman. The platform near him is filled with Trolls, but you can thin the herd out somewhat with the explosive barrels here. Once the area is cleared, take the teleporter to a new part of Drill Platform Delta. Destroy the explosive barrels to your left to collect the key, and fight your way past the Tech Spell Punk to the fourth Gillman, and then teleport away.

You battle your first Mark 31 Troll Tank in the next section. Stay on the move to avoid its punishing attacks, and get around behind it to hit the weak spot. When the tank explodes, a Greasemonkey will be sent flying out of it. After he’s beaten, you can free the fifth and final Gillman.

Exhaust Vent Zeta

With the Gillmen freed, you have one last mission: destroy the oil refinery itself using a troll bomb. The bomb regenerates though, so use it to destroy the Tech Spell Punk to the left of the bomb and collect the last Treasure Chest of the chapter. Then go back to the bomb and follow the pier to the Exhaust Vent. As a warning, sometimes you don’t trigger the Exhaust Vent Zeta location until you get close to the vent, so make sure the area gets checked off on screen before throwing the bomb.

Ruins, Part 5

Take the Oil Can from the Oil Donkey Gurglefin has constructed by the docks, and take it to the Far Viewer. After you use the Oil Can as prompted, you receive word on your next location. Talk to Gurglefin when you’re ready to depart!

Chapter 6: Oilspill Island

Chapter Star

  • Find the Twin Spouts' location

  • Retrieve the Twin Spouts

  • Escape in the Pirate Ship

Completion Star

  • Enemy Goal

  • No Lives Lost

  • All Areas Found

  • Cleared in under 06:03

Collections Star

  • Soul Gems: 2

  • Legendary Treasure

  • Hats: 2

  • Treasure Chests: 3

  • Story Scroll

The North Star

As soon as this chapter begins, climb aboard the boat to your left to locate the Soul Gem for the Earth Skylander Dino-Rang's "Sticky Boomerangs" ability. Not a bad start at all!

Battery Island

Cross the pier from the North Star onto Battery Island, where you come under cannon fire by an enemy squid that Gurglefin will warn you about, just as it sinks your boat! As long as you're a relatively swift Skylander, the cannon is no real threat, even if the crosshairs center on you, you can just keep moving and avoid damage. Explore the area for breakable items and then smash through the brick wall on you left.

You will be attacked by Nauteloids in the next area, but they are about as dangerous as a Chompy. The real threat will be after you defeat them and climb up the ramp behind them. Before you do, break through a fence to the left of a house to find some extra treasure.

After climbing the ramp, a Blastaneer will try to shoot cannonballs at you from afar, but you can easily dodge the attacks and get in close to him. Also, you'll have a chance to avenge your sunken ship by sneaking up behind the Blastaneer who fired the shot.

Whale's Belly

Use the bounce pad here to fly up to the top of the main mast of the ship, then follow the trail of coins down to the upper deck of the ship. Break the items on this deck, then attack the raised gangplank to lower it toward the dock.

East Gate

Blastaneers will greet you on the dock itself. After beating them, head to your left up the stairs and collect the key you need to get through the locked gate. After the gate, you'll be confronted by a group of Nauteloids and Blastaneers who are protecting another gate. To open this gate, you'll have to solve a lock puzzle.

A solution for the gate in 13 moves is:

Left 4, Right 2, Left 1, Right 4, Left 2.

After this lock is opened, check to your right for a Magic Elemental Gate. Before you cross it, if you've got a Skylander that can bypass water (with flight or with the ability to swim), you can drop down to the beach beneath the gate, cross the water north of the gate, and locate the Story Scroll. You should have a magic Skylander from the starter pack, so open that gate now.

Lost Rigger's Cove (Access requires a Magic Skylander)

Follow the path until you find a wooden fence to smash through. You will fall into a teleport that takes you to a stone slide at the end of a waterfall. Travel to your right. You're confronted by a Squidface Brute, a real mean customer that can hit pretty hard if you get up close, teamed up with another Blastaneer. Defeat them, and use the bounce pad on the beach.

You will land near another Blastaneer and bounce pad. Continue to take the bounce pads up and to the right until you come across another gate with a puzzle lock. This lock adds conveyor belts which will move the imp inside the lock around should he touch them, as well as a pair of teleporters that if the imp falls into them, he will be sent to the other side of the board, falling if gravity permits.

Lock Solution: Left 3, Right 5, Left 2, Right 2, Left 2.

With the lock solved, you will find a Present with a Tiki Hat inside. Drop off this ledge to the right to be back at the start of this section.

East Gate Continued

From the point where the Magic gate once stood, go to the left and then cross the bridge , where another Squidface Brute and some Nauteloids stand ready to receive you. After this, travel to your left and drop down to another small beach with a bounce pad and a Treasure Chest on it. After this, cross the bridge upwards to face a Water Spell Punk. The puddles they cast freeze you if touched, but doesn't cause any direct harm by itself. The real danger from a Water Spell Punk is when they team up with other enemies. Plow through more Blastaneers and Nauteloids as you travel to the left, over another bridge into the next section.

Torta's Town

More Nauteloids and a Brute will try their luck here, with artillery support dropping down on your head. There are two important items to collect here. First, there is a Soul Gem on the beach to the right of where you enter the town, which unlocks the "Fire Forged Armor" ability for Ignitor, a Fire Skylander. On the second level of the town itself is the key needed to leave the area through the locked gate, but check the door of a house on the far left of the town.

This teleporter will take you to a high ledge with the squids manning the cannons. After paying them back, be sure to snag the Legendary Treasure, and drop back down to the town area itself. As you follow the grassy path to the right, more Blastaneers and another Brute try to guard the gate.

Bridge of Hands

The gate opens the way to a Water Spell Punk who protects the long bridge across the water here. Mid-way across the bridge, a Squiddler will make an appearance. Watch out for their blowfish bombs, as they have a fairly large blast radius. If you're fast, you can close in on it and keep hitting it, preventing it from firing. After clearing the bridge, cross through the open gate directly ahead.

The Ancient Temple

The gate locks behind you immediately upon entering. Another Brute and some Nauteloids will attack you here. After beating this first wave, move deeper into the temple and and be prepared to face off against a large group of Squiddlers, supported by a Water Spell Punk. Take out the punk so it's spells don't freeze you near the bombs being fired by the Squiddlers. After the area is cleared, proceed onward to the pedestal with the Twin Spouts! You'll be teleported to an island near another dock shortly after get the item.

The Elevenship

Follow the pier and fight your way through the Blastaneers and the Nauteloids. Just as you reach the ship, you'll be attacked by two Brutes. Remember to keep your distance from their melee attacks. After the dock is clear, board the ship and use the bounce pad on the boat to get up to the mainmast and follow another line of coins down to the other side of the docks. There, you'll find another bounce pad that can take you down to the the next area, as well as another teleporter.

West Gate

The teleporter you find here will drop you next to a Treasure Chest. Teleport back, and use a Water Skylander on the Water Elemental Gate to reach the final secret area of the chapter.

Watery Graves (Access requires a Water Skylander)

After a trip through a whirlpool, you'll end up on a beach you may have seen much earlier in the level. Cross the water with your Skylander, avoiding the wooden platforms for now. On the other side of the water is a bounce pad that takes you to the last Treasure Chest of the level. Now, get back across the water, and use the small wooden dock to climb onto the moving platforms. Watch out for the fire arrows being fired by the statues to the left, and navigate across the moving platforms.

The tricky part here is when you find a moving platform with a bounce pad on it. You need to use that pad to bounce to another small platform with its own bounce pad, and then use that pad to launch yourself up to the right, where a Present with the Tropical Turban hat awaits. This last set up jumps can be rather tricky, so don't feel bad if you need a few attempts. After you collect the hat, drop back down to the water, and follow the water back to the whirlpool.

West Gate Continued

After returning back to this area, get through the fence to the left and face off against another set of Brutes. Taking them down will open up the Monster Gate they protected. From here, it's a simply matter of just following the path up until you reach the final switch, opening the main gate and letting you escape back to the Ruins.


Back at the Ruins, the Twin Spouts are installed in the new Core of Light by Hugo. After a brief conversation, talk to Gurglefin after you're done with any upgrades you want to do. Your next mission awaits!

Chapter 7: Leviathan Lagoon

Chapter Star

  • Bring 4 Statues to the Shrine

  • Find the Eternal Water Source

Completion Star

  • Enemy Goal

  • No Lives Lost

  • All Areas Found

  • Cleared in under: 09:05

Collections Star

  • Soul Gems: 1

  • Legendary Treasure

  • Hats: 1

  • Treasure Chests: 3

  • Story Scroll

Pearl Cluster

During this level, the Leviathan patrols beneath the waves. Water Skylanders swimming through the water can be swallowed by the super-fish, but it's not the end just yet! When you awaken inside it's mouth, shoot the hanging bulb of flesh in the background a few times and you'll be spat out near the beginning of the level.

From where you begin, switch to a Water Skylander, and cross the bridge to your left. Once you get to this next island, swim north, following the gems to a Water Elemental Gate. Take the whirlpool behind it to reach a new zone.

Plank Walk (Access requires a Water Skylander)

A common mistake to make as soon as you arrive on the island after taking the whirlpool is to take the teleport immediately to your left. Avoid doing this for now, and follow the bridges to the right. The bridges here connect between a series of small islands, with a central island being used by Squiddlers who are constantly bombing the bridges. A Hob 'n' Yaro is running around in this area, holding onto a Present. The problem here is that the Hob is incredibly fast and will outrun most non-leveled Skylanders with ease. If you've got Gill Grunt, or another long-ranged Skylander, you can snipe the little monster from afar. The Present is worth fighting for, as it contains the Napoleon Hat.

Make sure you check out the northern-most island, as there is a Treasure Chest there. Once you're done here, return through the teleport back to the Pearl Cluster

Pearl Cluster Continued

After dealing with the Water gate, follow the islands until you see a Hob 'n' Yaro steal one of the four statues and try to run off within. a Squidface Brute steps in to protect it. First take down the Brute, then chase down the thief. Again, a long-ranged or fast Skylander makes these monsters less frustrating. Once you collect the statue, take the time to smash open objects on the islands. Some things, like the beached boats, contain enemies, like Squiddlers or Nauteloids. Continue forward until you reach the next area.

Turtle Island

This island has three turtles that must be pushed into place between a gap indicated by a set of gems. Once you bridge this gap, proceed across the waiting bridge to the next island.

Shark's Tooth Island

When you enter this island, check to the right to snag the Story Scroll to this level.

Another Hob 'n' Yaro will take the key you need to progress forward. You can chase the little guy down yourself, snipe him with a long ranged attack, or your can make things a litle easier by cross the right side bridge to one of the islands, and pushing the turtle there against the bridge. Then, when you chase the thief down, it has nowhere to go. Take your key to the locked gate.

After the gate, you will encounter two Squiddlers on platforms, with a turtle block your way between them. Push the turtle forward twice, then push it back into place. Don't miss the second statue here as well! Now drop down into the teleporter in the area below this one. you'll be taken to a platform with a plank next to one of the platforms the Squiddlers are using against you. Destroy them both, and cross over the turtle's back to reach another Treasure Chest.

As you continue to the left, smash up everything you can find, which will reveal some more enemies. Don't miss the small plank on the bottom-right of the island as you travel forward. You can cross it to receive a Soul Gem for Zap, a Water Skylander. This unlocks the "Love for the Sea" ability.

Crossing the left bridge will cause another Hob 'n' Yaro to steal the third statue, and another Brute rushes to it's defense. As before, you can try to snip the Hob from afar, or you can push a turtle into the path of one of the two bridges it uses to flee from you in order to try and trap it.

The larger island has a massive building to the north, housing a turret. Before you climb up and man the guns, check behind the building to snag the final Treasure Chest. After this, rush to the guns and talk to Gurglefin, who waits nearby. He'll let you know that pirates are stealing the last statue, and they must be stopped. Hop into the turret! First, make sure you take out all of the sails on the ship. Once the sails are destroyed, concentrate fire on the hull of the ship until it is destroyed.

Before you cross over the ship and take the final statue, you need to secure the Legendary Treasure. Now that the pirate ship is disabled, you need to get swallowed by the Leviathan once again. This time, the Legendary Treasure will be in it's mouth. Afterwards, make your way back towards the end of the islands.

The Shrine

The last set of bridges leading to the Shrine have a Blastaneer guarding them, but it shouldn't be a problem at this point. Once you get the four statues in place at the shrine, go to the pier on your right to collect the Eternal Water Source...except now the Leviathan decides you also need to collect your very first boss fight.

Boss Battle: Evil Water Dragon, Dark Amphibious Gillman, and Evil Ice Yeti

After Kaos taunts you, he will summon the Evil Water Dragon. For players in possession of the Skylander Zap, much of the Evil Water Dragon's attacks will look familiar. He will fire off a burst of three electric blasts, and these move fairly quick, but after every burst, the boss will pause. He is also capable of a dashing attack you'll want to avoid getting hit by. Stay calm and stay on the move, getting in attacks when you can.

When you defeat this boss, he will drop experience points and some food. Kaos summons a storm of sharks that flood towards you from the front of the arena. Do your best to avoid taking damage, and look for the safest path through the shark flood. Interestingly, if you get close to one of the sharks, time slows down, giving you a chance to try and get out of the way, and you can also heal a small amount of hitpoints during these 'bullet-time' moments. You will want to switch to a fast Skylander here, or you can expect to take a lot of damage.

After the shark attack subsides, Kaos summons the Dark Amphibious Gillman, who looks like Gill Grunt. This boss will fire three sets of three harpoons, which can be tough to avoid if you're close, as they are fired in a spreading pattern. Using a fast Skylander, stay on the move to throw off his shots, and try to strike him from the sides. After three shots, the boss tends to hesitate, so use that pause to your advantage. He also uses the waterpack on his back to jet away from you if you get close. After this boss is defeated, you face another shark flood. Try to keep your health high during all this!

The third boss, the Evil Ice Yeti, is the dark version of the Skylander Slam Bam. He'll shoot an ice beam along the ground that will eventually burst into block of ice which will slow you down if you've made contact. More dangerously, this boss packs a mean punch combo, which can do some serious damage if you get too close to him. This is a boss you want to keep well past arms length, as long as you're a safe distance away, you can easily avoid his ice beams and will have nothing to fear from his iron fists.

It's not over yet! Kaos summons all three bosses to gang up on you, and this can be pretty overwhelming at first, with so many ranged attacks in the air. Pick a fast Skylander with a solid ranged attack, and stay on the move at all times. The bosses have less hit points than they did when they were summoned individually, but the fact that you are fighting three at once more than makes up for it. Worse still, Kaos will eventually summon another shark flood while you're in the middle of the fight! Try to concentrate on one boss at a time. The Gillman boss tends to be a good bet for the first target, as its spread shots of harpoons make moving around the arena dangerous, but some may prefer to take out the Dragon, as its shots are much faster than the others. Once you take down the bosses, you've earned yourself a victory!

Ruins: Private beach now open for business

First things first, get the oilcan from the oil pump, then explore the newly opened beach, making sure to grab the Winged Sapphire beyond the formerly locked gate. You can oil up the machinery on the way to the large robot to open the way to another Winged Sapphire.. When you get to the robot, oil it, and it will introduce itself as the Clam-o-tron 4000. He will ask for you to retrieve 5 clams from the beach. Just chase after them with a fast Skylander to collect them. Once you have all five, he will craft a bomb that you can use to blast open the passage on the nearby steps. You'll meet Diggs, a molekin, and he'll clue you in to your next destination. Don't leave just yet, you can collect another Winged Saphire by flying over or swimming through the waters to the left of the steps to find a small island with a bounce pad on it. Use this series of bounce pads to reach the island high in the sky, where the sapphire awaits.

Chapter 8: Crystal Eye Castle

Chapter Star

  • Destroy the two towers

  • Get the Crystal Eye

Completion Star

  • Enemy Goal

  • No Lives Lost

  • All Areas Found

  • Cleared in under: 05:59

Collections Star

  • Soul Gems: 1

  • Legendary Treasure

  • Hats: 2

  • Treasure Chests: 3

  • Story Scroll

The Gauntlet

As soon as this level begins, you need to hit the floating eye with an attack to open the gate into the castle. As soon as the door is open, you enter the part of the Gauntlet where it earns its name. Diggs is knocked off the ramp by explosive barrels being rolled down the ramp by Timidclops. You could try to weave your way past the barrels, but it's best to just blast your way through them. Skylanders with charging attacks, like Spyro and his Charge, can actually rip straight up the ramps and through the barrels with no problems.

After the second ramp being filled with barrels by Timidclops, you meat the cousins of the Chompies, the Crunchers. When they bite, they have to be shaken off. Don't let large numbers of them latch on for too long.

After the third barrel ramp, you meet the Cyclops Chopper. When they are spinning around with their axes, they can't be hurt. Once this last courtyard is clear, hit the two eye switches on either side of the gate. You only have 4 seconds to hit each switch and clear the gate once it is opened.

Outer Courtyard

Don't miss the Story Scroll on the raised ledge to the left of where you enter. A Cyclops Chucker attacks you jfrom a position to the right of the Story Scroll, throwing large stones at you. The stones can hurt pretty bad, so stay on the move. Look out for the two Choppers on the ground level, as well.

Across the courtyard from the Chucker is some food and more destroyable objects, one of which hides the Legendary Treasure of the level.

The Chucker was guarding a switch that you need to hit before you can proceed, and once you get through the gate you come across a turtle pushing puzzle. Before you solve it, trigger the Cruncher ambush from the barrels in the area, then push one of the turtles into the first gap. Then push the next turtle over and past the first turtle, so you can push the second one back on top of the first. Now, climb the stairs to the right, walk over the second turtle, and push the third off the ledge to the left, and the fourth one above it up as many time as you can until it sits underneath the floating coin. Climb the newly accessible steps, and cross over the fourth turtle.

You're introduced to another gate with two switches. If you explore the path leading to the right, you will see an Undead Elemental Gate next to the second switch, and south of that gate, an Earth Elemental Gate. Next to the Earth gate is a Soul Gem for the Earth Skylander Prism Break, unlocking his "Shard Soul Prison" ability. If you have an the appropriate Skylanders, go ahead and open those gates.

Puzzle Pit (Access requires an Earth Skylander)

The appropriately named Puzzle Pit is deceptively complex. You enter the puzzle room and will see four switches in the room at each corner. Hitting a switch causes blocks to ride from the ground. In order to collect the Treasure Chest, follow this order: lower right, top right, top left, bottom left. Now, cross the right center switch and switch to a fast Skylander. Hit the eye switch to open a timed gate, and run back across the center right switch, and touching no other switches, cross over the left center switch and into the next room, going through the gate before time runs out. The Treasure Chest is here.

Now then, cross back over the left center switch. Then hit: middle switch, top right, and middle again. Go through the gap and the top center of the Puzzle Pit to find the Present containing the Trojan Helmet, an excellent defensive item for early level Skylanders. Teleport back to the Outer Courtyard.

Secret Tower (Access requires an Undead Skylander)

Once you open the Undead Gate and cross the bridge, you will teleport to a gate requires that you hit two switches to open it. Enter the tower beyond the gate to arrive in a large arena full of Chompy Pods, Chompies, and Cyclops Chuckers! You defitinely want to stay as an Undead Skylander for this battle, as the extra damage will help greatly. Once the first sets of enemies are taken down, a group of Cyclops Choppers and a Cyclops Mammoth join the fray, the latter of which you'll want to be very wary of its jumping attacks. Overcome this onslaught, and you will be rewarded with a Present that contains the Eye Hat. Teleport back to the Outer Courtyard.

East Tower

To enter the East Tower, you need to hit the two switches of the Outer Courtyard and pass through the gate. Once inside, you have to contend with another Cyclops Mammoth. It's chained to a wooden pole at the moment, but it can be cut loose if you destroy the pole. Choppers and Crunchers also join the fight. Once the room is clear of enemies, destroy the four eyes that are channeling energy to a pylon at the northern wall of the room , which will destroy the tower. One more to go.

Inner Courtyard

A gate near the bridge to the former East Tower now opens, with a Cyclops Mammoth and a pair of Choppers on the other side. Explore this area thoroughly for some nice goodies, including a Treasure Chest in the southern part of the the courtyard.

Following the path to the northwest, you will find that you can drop down into another courtyard. On the walls leading to the West Tower, Cyclops Chuckers take up position and begin raining boulders down on you, while Choppers flood into the courtyard. Make sure you don't miss the Treasure Chest in this courtyard, it's located directly across from where the Chuckers are.

Climb up to the wall and defeat the Chuckers, then go back into the courtyard and start hitting the four eye switches, and rush up to the gate before it closes. Follow this path enter the West Tower.

West Tower

Similar to the East Tower, you need to take out the eyes channeling energy around the central pylon. This time, you're facing down Cyclops Chuckers standing atop small pedestals that need to be crushed before you can get at the monsters themselves. Two Cyclops Mammoths, both restrained to a pole, also guard this room. Once the enemies are cleared and the eyes are destroyed, the tower will collapse, and a gate re-granting access to the Inner Courtyard will open. The door in the northern corner of this area will finally open, now that towers are destroyed.

The Tower of Eyes

The last ramp leading to the Tower of Eyes is guarded by four Timidclops, all rolling barrels at you. Once you break your way though to them, you will also need to contend with Cyclops Chuckers and Choppers. Enter the tower once you're done with them.

To recover the Crystal Eye, you've got another fight on your hands. A team of Chuckers stand atop pillars that need to be broken down first, while Cruncher Pods summon a constant supply of Crunchers. Taking out the pods first is advised here. Choppers will also pour into the room from a set of side passages. Eventually, Cyclops Mammoths will start entering the fight. If you catch Mammoths as they enter the room, you can pile on damage before they even exit their doorway, and they aren't able to fight back until they enter the room proper! Once the enemies have been eliminated, you can collect the Crystal Eye.

Ruins, Part the Eighth

There aren't any special additions to the Ruins at the moment, but you do find that the Molekin have made a new home at the beach. After the Crystal Eye is installed in the Core of Light, you can talk to Diggs and be taken to the next mission.

Chapter 9: Stonetown

Chapter Star

  • Defeat the Stone Golem

Completion Star

  • Enemy Goal

  • No Lives Lost

  • All Areas Found

  • Cleared in under: 07:39

Collections Star

  • Soul Gems: 2

  • Legendary Treasure

  • Hats: 1

  • Treasure Chests: 3

  • Story Scroll

Mushroom Ridge

Protecting the the first door near the starting position is a gaggle of Chompies being summoned by a Chompy Pod. Don't worry about the bomb icon near them for now, you'll be back for it later. Get through the locked door.

Old Cyclops Fort

After you enter the fort proper, you'll be attacked by a Cyclops Chopper. A little bit pas the steps you take is the bomb you need. A fast Skylander is especially helpful for getting the bomb back to the indicated wall in Mushrrom Ridge. Once you destroy that wall, you can follow this path up the ramparts to find the Legendary Treasure.

Back in the Old Cyclops Fort, you will approach a door with two teleports near it. The eye switches you need to hit are up on the walls, out of reach normally. You have to use the teleports to reach each switch, but the real problem here is that you've got to deal with a team of Choppers and a Squiddler first. Once you hit the first switch, you've got six seconds to hit the second switch, and another six seconds to pass through the gate.

Blue Water Swamp

Ignore the wooden platform for the moment, and switch to a Skylander who can bypass water, and check around the right side of the fortress to find a treasure chest. Then cross the wood bridge to reach the first island. The barrels here are filed with Chompies, but by now this isn't anything to fear. After collecting your almost-free experience points from them, you can climb up the nearby tower to find the Story Scroll.

The next bridge is a little tricky because of the Squiddlers bombarding you from towers you can't reach, while you are pushing turtles into the gap to be able to cross. Don't dawdle here with a slow or defensively weak Skylander, the damage can add up really fast. Of course, if you have a flight or swim capable Skylander, you can ignore the turtle puzzle here entirely. To the left of this area, you can cross the water with the right kind of Skylander and find another Treasure Chest by smashing up the tent here. Ignore the teleporter, as it will take you back to where the Story Scroll was.

The next area the turtle bridge leads you to introduces you to the Rock Walker enemies. Avoid the streams of lava they pour onto the ground, and give it a proper pounding. After you cross the stone bridge to the right, you'll eventually find a key. Rock Walkers and Chompies will ambush you once you pick it up. Fight your way through them back over the bridge.

At the next wooden bridge you meet the Earth Spell Punk. They cast spells that provide additional armor to their allies, but considering the allies are are just Chompies who burst out of the barrels when you approach the main gate, this isn't so bad. Before you move on, check the tent to the left of the fortress entrance, and smash it. A Soul Gem for Zapper, a Wind Skylander, can be found here, unlocking his "Zapper Field Deluxe" ability.

New Fortress

Cyclops Choppers attack you as soon as you enter this area. You'll notice that the exit here requires three keys to unlock, so prepare to do some footwork here. The first of these can be conveniently found right next to the locked door. Next, go to the right of where you confronted the Choppers, and you'll see a block puzzle, as well as the first key in plain view. To reach it, you'll need to push blocks underneath the floating coins to make a bridge to it.

Start with the block furthest to the right, pushing it up once, and then push the one to the left of where that block was over to the left once. The block that was in front of that one shoudl be pushed into its place. Push the first block back underneath the coins. Now, notice how the way to the stairs leading up to that level is blocked off by another push block? Push that stone to the left until you're able to get around to the other side and push it back into position to bridge the smaller gap. Follow your new bridges to the first key, and return back to the locked door, this time going down the corridor you skipped before.

A Hob 'n' Yaro will steal the third key and lead you on a chase around the area. As always, bring a fast or long ranged Skylander to deal with these thieves, and get the key back. With all three, open the gate and move on.

Follow the stone path down the ramps and break through the brick wall at the end. You'll face down Chompies and Rock Walkers as you leave the rampart. Beyond it, Squiddlers stand on small watchtowers, providing assistance to another set of Chompies and Walkers. An Earth Spell Punk also shows up here, and should be dealt with first, as his defensive spells make the Walkers a bit tougher to hurt.

You may have noticed another bomb icon near a wall between the Squiddler towers, but to get that bomb you've got another push-block puzzle to solve. First, push a block that is closest to the bomb into position to act as part of the bridge leading to it. The block above that one should be pushed up one space to act as another bridge. Next, go up the ramp on the left, and push the block you find there right, making a new bridge. Cross this, and push the block on this level across from the bomb down into the gap. Now you should have access to the bomb, and can bomb open the passage to reach the Soul Gem for Bash, an Earth Skylander. This unlocks his "Triceratops Honor Guard" power.

Now, head back up the block hill. Squiddlers may try to bombard you, but you can use the bomb to fight back. To reach the summit of this block huill, you'll need to push the remaining blocks into position to fill the gaps. For the first gap, push the block near it left twice, then up into the gap. For the second gap, it's simply a matter of pushing the two blocks into position. From this second block bridge, push the third block up twice, then back down to where it started. Once the bridge is crossed, you're out of the New Fortress!

Town Outskirts

As you go across the bridge, you face down a pair of Rock Walkers and an Earth Spell Punk. After they're finished, move into the town proper, and take the trail to the left, leading to a Life Elemental Gate.

Wayward Town (Access requires a Life Skylander)

After crossing Life bridge, take the drop immediately to the left off of the broken bridge, and follow it down to the the next few ledges until you reach a bounce pad that takes you an island. A Chompy Pod can be found here, guarding a Treasure Chest. From this island, drop off of the right side of it to land in the middle of a small town.

Use the bounce pad in the northern part of the town to propel yourself up to another island, and follow the next pad up to a small platform where a bomb awaits you. Drop down to the town and start wrecking some houses with your explosives. You can find a good chunk of extra cash while you're here. A house south-east to the central fountain hides another bounce pad. You want to take a bomb to this bounce pad, and use the pad to send yourself flying up the start of the Wayward Town area. Just above where you land is a bomb-marked wall that leads to a Present containing the Top Hat. You can always drop back down to the town from this ledge if your bomb blows up before you make it. After you're done here, return to the Town Outskirts and take the path to the right to chase after the Eternal Earth Source-turned-town-stomping-golem.

Rumbling Ravine

The Stone Golem is deceptively tough, but if you're packing a strong Skylander, you can whittle him down pretty quick. The large boulders it flings around the arena can be hard to dodge, especially for slow Skylanders. Some of the boulders the golem throws bounce around the whole area, but their path is shown to you as a glowing line in the grass. If you stand next to the Golem, he may try a powerful foot stomp, so melee characters may feel somewhat at a disadvantage trying to get close to him.

At 75 and 50 percent health respectively, the Stone Golem creates a powerful wind barrier around itself, preventing from getting close to the Golem, and causing you damage every time you touch it. Red markings appear on the ground, indicating where a rain of meteors will fall. Stay on the move to avoid getting hurt by this storm. Eventually, the wind barrier vanishes, and you can start attacking the Golem again.

At 25 percent, the Golem starts playing a little harder to get. It will cast the wind barrier constantly and launch more waves of meteors at you. The only way to get sustained hits on him is to allow one of his rolling boulders to bounce back into him. The problem here is that the boulder is fast, hard to dodge, and has to go through many bounces before it hits the Golem. Pay attention to it's path marked on the ground, if it hits you the boulder will shatter, and the Golem will cast another wind barrier! If the Golem gets hit by the boulder, it will be momentarily stunned. Keep up the pressure during this last stretch, but don't forget to keep an eye out for your health either.

Once the Golem is defeated, you can collect a mess of experience points, money, and more importantly, the Eternal Earth Source.

Ruins, the Ninth Visit

With the Earth Source in place, it summons a new arrival to the Ruins, Arbo. He will reveal the way to the next level, but before you run off, attack the stone that sits where Arbo sprouted from. You can get another Winged Sapphire for doing so.

Chapter 10: Treetop Terrace

Chapter Star

  • Collect the Life Seeds

Completion Star

  • Enemy Goal

  • No Lives Lost

  • All Areas Found

  • Cleared in under: 05:54

Collections Star

  • Soul Gems: 1

  • Legendary Treasure

  • Hats: 1

  • Treasure Chests: 3

  • Story Scroll

The Canopy

Right away, you're matched up against a new monster, the Corn Hornet. When they start to shake, they are about to fire a paralyzing stinger shot. The effects of the stinger wear off quickly, but can be shaken off by following the on-screen prompts. After dealing with the bug, you can trigger the nearby pulley to lift a wooden barrier out of your path for a short time. You'll have to move fast, and avoid the bounce plants in your path.

On the other side of this barrier, you encounter a Blade Witch for the first time. Similar to the Drow Witch in appearance, but different in execution. The Witch casts a protective shield in front of her that only disappears when she tosses her bladed boomerang. A pair of Spearmen and a Corn Hornet also join her. After they are beaten, take the bounce pad up to the next area. As you're smashing objects up, look for a teleporter that can take you to some extra money.

As you keep moving forward, you'll also meet a Life Spell Punk accompanied by a pair of Spearmen. These little guys heal nearby enemies, and can be a real hassle if you're not using a strong Skylander. Make sure to take them out first, they can heal allies for 30 hit points every couple seconds or so. After dealing with this threat, check the nearby breakables for a hidden bounce pad that can take you up to the Legendary Treasure. Afterwards, drop back down (or use the teleporter) and continue to the right.

The Sluice Gate

Clear out all of the barrels at the bottom of the ramp to get extra cash, as well as uncover another pulley that lifts a log at the top of the ramp. Before you hit the pulley, look for a Treasure Chest to the right of the machine, across a short bridge.

A constant supply of barrels is rolling down the ramp, which can slow you down. Once you hit the pulley you've got a limited amount of time to make it up top, take a fast Skylander and avoid taking hits. Just beyond the gate, you can find the Story Scroll to the left, and another Treasure Chest to the right. Defeat the Spearmen on this platform to open a Monster Gate at the central tree trunk that hides a teleport to the next zone.

The Hollow

This arena introduces the Blitzer Bully, similar to the Drow Goliaths in ability and power, but come with the assistance of a Life Spell Punk strapped to their backs. Hitting the Blitzer hard enough will cause the Punk to fall of their backs, allowing you to focus your efforts on them. With the Blizter and Punk down, use the pulley at the center of the room and travel through the unlocked gate. At five seconds to go, the wooden blocks just past the gate will rise up, allowing you access to the teleport out of this room.

The next platform is guarded by a large team of Spearmen, all supported by a Life Spell Punk. Once the Punk is down, the Spearmen will crumble without its healing. After this, ignore the newly opened passage to the right, and open up the Magic Elemental Gate.

Ancient Trunk (Access requires a Magic Skylander)

To the left of the teleport leading further into this section you come across a Soul Gem for Gill Grunt, Water Skylander, unlocking his "Anchor Cannon" ability. Follow the next two teleports into the tree itself. Inside the tree, you'll be accosted by a great number of Corn Hornets and Blade Witches as you climb further and further up the the tree using a series of bounce pads. Make sure you explore the tree thoroughly, so you don't miss a side bridge that leads to a Present with a Moose Hat inside.

As you climb higher up the tree, you may find yourself fighting on the thin walkways and knocking enemies off them to the very bottom of the room. It's worth going back down to make sure you've finished them off and to collect the experience they drop, if only to avoid missing out on the Enemy Goal by the end of the stage. Eventually, you will find a teleport that will take you back to The Hollow.

The Hollow continued

If you ignored the Magic gate and went right, you will end up below where the teleport inside the Ancient Trunk dropped you off. Take out the Corn Hornet and the Witches before using the bounce pads to progress further to the right. You'll see a ball at the top of a winding ramp that you can push through a group of Spearmen. Follow the ball down the ramp, and the game will show you the next pulley you need to hit, as well as the platform that you need to race to. A large set of spike traps also blocks your path, rippling down the path. You'll have to time your use of the pulley so you are able to make the run to the platform with enough time to spare.

Once the platform takes you across to the next section, another gate blocks your path. You'll have to brave another spike gauntlet to the left, this time with the spikes coming at you, in order to reach the pulley that will open the next gate. Remember to time your use of the pulley to avoid being slowed down by the spike traps.

In the next area, a pair of Corn Hornets and Blade Witches need to be snuffed out before you can climb the ramp up to chase down a Blitzer Bully. The Bully retreats though another group Hornets, Witches, and Spearmen.

After you push through this group of foes, you'll come across a seemingly complex light crystal puzzle. The solution is quite simple though: flick the switch of the central focusing crystal twice, then push the moveable prism down once, and right once, opening the gate to the last zone.

The Seed Tree

The Drow are not about to give up the Life Seeds without a fight, and they're ready to give you one here. On the upper level, two Blitzer Bullies, unreachable for the moment, lord over a group of Spearmen, Hornets, and Witches. Get rid of the hornets first, as their stingers can potentially freeze you in range of the Spearmen's deadly attacks. Then take on the Spearmen, to remove the threat of their damaging strikes. The Witches are a mere annoyance compared to the others.

Once the first group takes a beating, one of the Blitzers will jump down after you, and once it's thrashed, the second will follow. After you win this final battle, the Life Seeds are yours!

Ruins: Skylander Appleseed

Arbo plants the seed, which quickly grow into apple trees. You then need to collect 15 apples while defending the trees from evil sheep, who will try to eat the apples before you get to them. Once you have the 15 apples, Arbo will reveal your next destination.

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