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1.3 Part Three


Star Medal

To collect the level’s first Star Medal, you’ll need a little help from an old friend. When the level starts, use the nearby Binoculars to locate Toad up on the cliffs to the right. When you zoom in on Toad, he throws the Star Medal into place. When you’re ready to collect the Star Medal, use the Note Block to bounce up and grab it.


You don’t need to collect the Star Medal right away. Make sure you hit the nearby Roulette Block before you move up the path.

After you enter the Mystery Box at Point 2, run to the ? Block to the right. This ? Block contains an endless supply of coins, so collect as many as you can before time runs out.

There's a hidden Pipe below the blue grate at Point 3. When you're ready to move on, drop down from the ledge and use the Pipe to enter a secret area. Before you leave, hit the Block near the right wall to reveal a Fire Flower.

Ground-pound the tree stumps to collect some coins and a Super Leaf. Clear out the Fire Piranha Plants to earn a Fire Flower. There are some tricky areas coming up, so consider switching back to the Tanooki Suit after you grab the new power-up. You can drop down from the nearby blue grate and follow the cloud platforms down to another Star Medal, but you won’t be able to return to this area. There’s an alternate path down to the Goal Pole, so consider exploring the area fully before you choose a route.

Before you leave the area, look for the hidden tunnel near Point 3. When you find the entrance, head inside to collect a 1-Up Mushroom.


Star Medal

Red Ring

Use the Super Note Block at Point 5 to bounce up to a secret area. Jump along the cloud platforms to find the Star Medal at the end of the path. A large jump can send you soaring right over the Star Medal, so use the trail of coins to help ensure a proper approach. If you miss the Star Medal, you must revisit the level to make another attempt.

Jump through the Red Ring at Point 6 for a chance to grab another power-up. You don’t have much time, so hop between the cloud platforms as they move across the gap.

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