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8.5 Part Five


Point 1

This level contains several Red-Blue Panels, so you must plan your jumps accordingly. The crumbling platforms at Point 1 don’t give you much time to react—make sure the Red-Blue Panel’s blue side is showing by the time you reach it.

Star Medal

Point 2

The Star Medal at Point 2 is located on the blue side of a flipping panel. To collect it, you must jump to the platform while its red panel is showing. When you jump toward the gap, the blue panel swings up to present the Star Medal and a safe landing spot.


Point 3

Before you cross the flipping platforms at Point 3, watch the Bullet Bills moving toward you. When the first Tail Bullet Bill appears, defeat it to collect a Super Leaf.

Point 4

One of the Blocks at Point 4 contains a Boomerang Flower. This power-up is particularly useful in dealing with troublesome Rocky Wrenches, so make sure you grab it on the way to the Checkpoint Flag.

Star Medal

The level’s second Star Medal is located near the Red Ring at Point 5. There’s a Rocky Wrench just below the Star Medal, so be careful when you attempt to collect it.

Point 5

Use a well-aimed boomerang to smash through incoming wrenches and defeat this enemy from a distance. If you’ve lost your power-up, time your jumps to dodge the Rocky Wrench’s attacks, then jump on its head to collect the Star Medal.

Red Ring

Point 6

After you pass through the Red Ring, jump along the platforms to collect the Red Coins. The nearby Rocky Wrenches can make your task fairly difficult, so time each of your jumps to dodge their attacks. Collect all of the Red Coins before they vanish to earn a Super Leaf.

Star Medal

Point 7

The level’s last Star Medal is inside the Mystery Box at Point 7.

Clear out the Rocky Wrenches inside the Mystery Box, then wall-jump up to the Star Medal before the time runs out.

The Banzai Bills around Point 8 travel over the red halves of the flipping platforms.

Point 8

Time your jumps to avoid these massive enemies as you make your way through the area.

As you move along the flipping platforms at Point 9, time your jumps to dodge the attacks from the Rocky Wrench at the end of the path.

Point 9

When you’re close enough, jump onto the enemy and make a running leap to the top of the Goal Pole.