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Witcher 2: How to create a Wolf character build

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition eGuide by ChrisWilliams6

A work in progress build for an alchemical swordsman.

This builds runs a swordsman/alchemist build with a few points in the magic tree.

I used my first 7 points in the training tree, 2 in dagger throwing, 1 in parry, 2 in arrow redirection, and 2 in fortitude.

I put 4 points into the magic tree, to max destructive magic and enhanced Quen sign. the magic tree points i would do early but not have to be done right away.

For the swordsmanship tree I put 1 into feet work, and 2 into schemer and hardy, I point a point each into sudden death and finesse, from there 2 into invincible and 2 into combat acumen and 2 into whirlwind.

For the alchemy tree, I got 10 points left here, so i put 2 into synthesis and then 1 into specialization potions. 1 point into harvester and 2 into catalysis and 2 into specialization oils. I put the last 2 points into transmutation.

This build is basically a swordsman with enough skills in the other trees to make his Quen sign, potions and oils powerful enough to keep him alive and deal damage, Play this build carefully and you will be having a killing time.

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  • Comment by R3D STAR

    Great point by point breakdown!

    Oct. 22, 2013, 10:30 a.m.
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