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WWE '12: Guide to the Ultimate WWE Gaming!

WWE '12 eGuide by eshanjak

This will help you with learning to play WWE '12!

Since WWE ’12 is a reboot of the WWE video games, many changes have been made to the core gameplay that even Smackdown vs. Raw series veterans will find it tough to adjust to the changes that have been made to this game. WWE ’12 unfortunately doesn’t have a proper tutorial mode in the game so I thought it’s a good idea now to teach people the basics of playing WWE ’12.

Change the game settings

The past two WWE video games allowed you to practice your moves inside the ring with a dummy partner. Sadly, this is no longer featured in WWE ’12 and as aforementioned, there’s no tutorial or practice mode in the game which should be included in all fighting games. If you jump straight into a normal one-on-one match with the A.I. on the default setting, chances are that you are going to get you’re going to get your butt kicked hard. The best way to practice your moves and familiarize yourself with the new gameplay is to simply alter the game sliders. Find this under options and then go to gameplay. After that, click on match options and then go down to balancing. Click on A.I reversals and then finally set all the sliders onto “low”. This way the A.I. will be less likely to counter all your moves and it will be easier to learn how to play WWE ’12 this way. Alternatively, you can just add a second controller/player to a match and let them be your training dummy. This is how learnt to familiarize myself with the new gameplay in WWE ’12 and it works.

How to execute grappling moves

Using powerful grappling moves are no longer mapped by using the right stick on your controller anymore. Most standard grappling moves are executed by tapping the “A” (Xbox 360) or “X” (PS3) button on your controller. I have to stress the fact that you only tap the button along with the desired direction on the left stick to execute these types of moves. If you hold the “A” or “X” button for more than one second, you won’t execute the moves you want to and will initiate a breaking point submission maneuver instead.

Using the Breaking Point submission system

Some people have been confused as to what buttons you press when you have your opponent in a breaking point submission maneuver. From my experience playing the game, its best that you rapidly tap the “X” and “Y” (Xbox 360) or “Square” and “Triangle” buttons to make you opponent submit. You can use these same buttons to help get out of a breaking point submission if your opponent has a move hold on you. If you feel that your opponent will get out of your breaking point submission move, it’s advisable that you press the “LB” (Xbox 360) or “L1” (PS3) button to cancel the move. If you don’t, your opponent will counter the move and deal some damage upon you which is not what you want to do since the A.I. is much tougher to beat in this game…

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