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Atributes and Skills

WWE '12 eGuide by austin316fan123

This guide will help you with what abilitys and attributes to use while creating a character on WWE 12.

First off, attributes. NOTE-YOU CAN SPEND THEM HOWEVER YOU WANT TO, THIS IS JUST A HELP NOTICE. Spending your attributes kind of depends on what type of fighter you want your CAW(Create A Warior) to be. If your making a powerhouse like Mark Henry or Mason Ryan than spend it on stuff like attack. If you want it to be a high flyer like Sin Cara or Rey Mysterio then spend it on stuff like speed. I would recommend an all around spending though. Now onto Skills. I am going to list some skills that I recommend. COMBACK-if your on the wrong side of a beating, this WILL let you catch up if you can perform this correctly. I would recommend Orton or Takers comback. RING ESCAPE-if you were just hit by a finished or something and were near the ropes, you could escape and avoid a pin or a sudmission attempt. DIRTY PIN-if you have done decent damage and are failing to pin, this gets the job done. RESENTILITY-XTREMLY helpfull for escaping pins. LEVERAGE PIN-great for finishing a long match in a hurry. #$-this concludes my guide and thanks for reading-$#

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    Hope this is helpful!

    Oct. 22, 2013, 10:30 a.m.
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