About Us

About Prima Games

Prima Games, an imprint of Random House LLC, is your trusted source for video game strategy, news and information. We’ve been the leading publisher of officially licensed strategy guides since 1990. For over 20 years, we’ve been helping gamers not just complete their games, but completely conquer them. Through these years we have evolved with the gaming world, from the very first print guides published for the NES, to our most recent online guides with interactive maps and streaming videos. We constantly push forward to break barriers and bring you the most innovative strategy products available. 

Our Culture

Most of us came to Prima Games with dreams of playing video games for a living.  We all have stories about our job interview and how it felt to discover Prima Games office within a nondescript building in the sprawling ‘burbs of Sacramento.  The walls are covered with posters and E3 murals from 20+ years of guide publishing.  A sea of cubicles decorated by a diverse assortment of fanboys (and girls) literally overflows with hardware:  office PC’s, high-end gaming rigs, dev kits for 360’s, PS3’s, Wii’s, and handhelds, Macintoshes with huge screens, and HDTV’s everywhere.

On your first day at Prima Games, we’ll decorate your cubicle for you in a fashion that we deem appropriate.  Each day, you’ll be permitted to remove one item.  It doesn’t take long for the rookie to realize that it’s actually a really tough job - we work with rough, pre-release game builds that freeze up frequently, and the games are constantly being tweaked and balanced.  We can spend hundreds of man hours mapping out all of the collectibles in a game, only to find out that the developer completely re-arranged them at the last minute.  Every project is a fight against the clock that requires 24/7 production.  Many of the games we work on can only be played on-site at the publisher or the developer studios.  We leave our spouses, children and pets at home for weeks at a time in order to create our products.  Our team is incredibly dedicated and, despite the difficulties, the average tenure for a Prima Games employee is almost ten years.

Even though it’s hard work, we don’t take ourselves too seriously.  Let’s face it - teaching people how to play games doesn’t save lives in the real world, aside from the occasional freakish occurrence. People who work this hard need to play hard as well, and during the down times, we have a lot of fun.  Our core values include savage but lighthearted mockery, fierce competition, a preference for area of effect damage, and a solid belief that pranks are the most sincere form of flattery.  While we all share a deep love for gaming icons like Mario, Gordon Freeman, Lord British, and Commander Shepard, our real heroes are people like Shigeru Miyamoto, Gabe Newell, Richard Garriott, and Ray Muzyka.  Spending our days making products based on the creations of our heroes is a dream come true.

Our Products

At Prima Games, we strive to bring you detailed video game strategy in the most convenient and easy-to-use formats. Our products include interactive web access strategy guides, iPhone, iPad and PlayStation Network strategy apps, Xbox Live strategy videos, Cheats and Codes database and, of course, strategy print guides.

eGuide 2.0: Interactive Web Access Strategy Guides

Our web access strategy guides are available directly on our web site with no download or DRM required. Many include interactive maps that allow you to toggle collectables and points of interest on and off and zoom in and out, an intuitive search capability, a complete walkthrough and 24/7 access to help you get the most out of your gaming experience. On most titles, you can view streaming video to see the strategy in action.

Strategy Apps

Now you can get Prima Games’ official strategy on your iPhone, iPad and Playstation Network. Each app is customized to give you strategy when, where and how you need it. With interactive maps, videos, tips and walkthroughs, you can get strategy right at your fingertips.

Strategy Videos

See the strategy in action with our streaming videos. Our strategy streams high quality video into our web access strategy guides, and are available for download on the iPhone, iPad, PSN and Xbox Live.  We even offer live web casts.

Print Guides

Our print guides are known all over the world, with complete walkthroughs, detailed maps and helpful screenshots. Our collector’s editions contain exclusive extras such as pull-out maps, downloadable content,

Prima Codes and Cheats

This database is filled with over 65,000 cheat codes, unlocks, achievements, trophies, Easter eggs and secrets. Updated daily, all codes have been 100% verified as accurate and correct so you’ll never waste your time on codes that don’t work.