Hideo Kojima has drip-fed us a few more tidbits on upcoming PS3 title Metal Gear Solid 4, and amongst these bits is news that Revolver Ocelot will be back.

Kojima, speaking to Hyper PlayStation magazine, explained that despite the fact Snake’s looking so old and worn in the trailer, the game isn’t set a long time after MGS2. What’s making Snake in need of wrinkle cream so much is simply the fact that he’s a clone of Big Boss of course, causing him to age much more quickly than a normal human being.

The “No place to hide” line we keep hearing is explained a little in this interview, with Kojima stating that there are a few elements that make the tagline appropriate. The first is the very literal fact that the buildings in which Snake is trying to hide have often been blown apart leaving Snake with very little to hide in.

The second idea is that there’s no need to hide in some circumstances. What Kojima is referring to is the feature in the game that allows players to effectively pick sides and gain a chosen country’s trust, simply by murdering enemies of the others. The emphasis is more on there being no need to hide rather than nowhere. Strange and rather tenuous a link I know but this is Hideo Kojima…

The psychological warfare aspects of MGS4 were also discussed in the interview, as were the flaws present in the soldiers from older Metal Gear games. It was pointed out that guards were often a little too murderous and cold, and had an unrealistic lack of fear. Apparently this has been addressed (with the help of NMoro Motosada, a military advisor) , and Kojima has included the ability to perform actions like making noises to scare enemies to confusion.

Do keep coming back as we’ll be updating all the time with news as we get it.