Many of you will be very pleased to know that Hideo Kojima, creator the Metal Gear franchise has started a blog on the Kojima Productions website.

The blog is in Japanese, as you might expect, though IGN have been translating some of the content.

Kojima writes about why he would like to stop making Metal Gear Solid games. He says the central theme of the series is "[Things which] need to be passed on to the next generation." The father of sneaky Snake is really into this concept, and applies it to the context of him leaving the franchise and giving it to newer developers, something he planned to do after MGS3. This is why "A 42 year old middle aged game designer" is coming back to work on MGS4,  "The last remaining thing that must be communicated to the next generation is an aging figure that still continues to change."

Kojima will be writing more games though, "I like game creation” he says, I want to continue making things."

If you’d like to read the entire transcript, head over to IGN.