Though there’s already been confirmation from Hideo Kojima himself that the film is happening, we now have more word that the deal has, apparently, been finalized.

Promotional leaflets were handed out at E3 with information on Konami Productions’ upcoming projects, and amongst the information was a line saying "I have received many offers to adapt Metal Gear Solid. It has taken a long time, but we have finally settled on an arrangement.

"False facts aside, a movie project is underway. I have finalized a Class-A contract with a party in Hollywood."

One of the “false facts” the leaflet refers to is the idea that Uwe Boll would direct the film, which Kojima has flat out denied was ever a possibility.

We have no more information on the film project, but Kojima has said, on a number of occasions, that he will not make a film unless he’s completely happy with the setup.

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