Metal Gear Solid’s stealth camouflage, as featured in the new trailer just shown at E3, will be an integral part of Metal Gear Solid 4’s gameplay.

There’s also news that the PlayStation 3’s tilt sensor in the controller might be used in the game, "Perhaps you could use it for the FP view, or to shake down guards for items (like in the past MGS games), but nothing is decided," Kojima says.

In an interview with the guys at PSM2, Kojima talked about the "active camouflage system" which lets Solid Snake blend into his surroundings. The system is entitleds “Octo-cam”, a fusion of the words Octopus and Camouflage.

The suit will change color, shape and pattern to match the surrounding surfaces, bumps included, something that Kojima’s studio could apparently could only rustle up on the PS3.

The Octo-cam suit will adapt to the surface you’re touching, so back against a bit of brickwork, and you’ll look like a stack of bricks. Unfortunately for our hero, much of this game’s scenery is dynamic, meaning the transient nature of his surroundings must often be considered.

Though the scenery will frequently be destructible, not everything will be able to be knocked down or blown up. "We want the entire scenery to be interactive, but even on the PS3 there are limits," Kojima said. "In some buildings you can destroy everything, but in other rooms only certain scenery - it should be easy to tell them apart."

There’s said to be a whole new set of moves, including one that was inspired by Kojima’s own military training.

The game is set to be the last in the Metal Gear series that Kojima will make, though he said the same thing around the time MGS3 came out.

"The series belongs to Konami and the fans, but I have the liberty to stop,"

Keep checking back for more on Metal Gear Solid 4 as we find it.