Konami are to show another trailer for Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots at the Tokyo Game Show this week, it’s apparently six minutes in length and mainly consists of real-time gameplay footage.


All this information comes from Japanese magazine Famitsu Weekly, which has been translated by IGN. The article also states that MGS4 will be coming to the PS3 late 2007, and that there’s most likely a year of development that still needs to be done on the game.


By the looks of things, Famitsu have been shown the trailer, in which Snake is shown dodging attackers whilst carefully moving across a ledge without the knowledge of his assailants. Another section of the video shows Snake, in a classic MGS stylee, sneaking around inside an oil drum; fantastic.


Though the opposite is obviously encouraged, the option to do the all-guns-blazing thing is apparently completely viable with this release. Apparently, achieving your goals throughout the game will be a little less linear, with a number of options available at a lot of points.


The trailer is going to show a lot of battling, Famitsu reports, complete with demonstrations of the new Close Quarters Combat system.


The Octomcam suit will also be shown off in the trailer. If you don’t already know what it is; the suit’s name is short for Octopus Camouflage, and will change color and texture to allow the player to blend in with Snake’s surroundings, a very clever tool indeed.


The trailer, as previously stated, will largely feature in-game action from Snake, but will be made up of shots that aren’t representative of the in-game cameras, which is fine as it’ll look pretty but not be too misrepresentative of gameplay.


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