A new console by the name of Ouya is coming, priced at just $99, it will allow developers to self publish.

The Verge spotted the console on startup site AngelList, reporting that any developer will be able to self publish on the console and that all games are planned to be free-to-play. The system is apparently “built to be hacked” and ships with preinstalled development tools. Despite the fact the console is built with an Android operating system, often associated with mobile products, the Ouya is built to be hooked up with televisions.

Ourya was founded by Julie Urhman of IGN, and she’s managed to get together a pretty strong team with One Laptop Per Child designer Yves Behar and ex vice-pres of game publishing at Microsoft Ed Fries on board.

Maybe it’ll do well, it certainly has potential; I know some devs who’ll be rubbing their hands at the prospect of making something for this.