If you’re a fan of Mystery Science Theater 3000 (and really, who isn’t), then these words are likely to be classic to you.  That’s because they resonate from Manos: The Hands of Fate, a 1966 stinker of a movie that was slaughtered on one of the sci-fi comedy series’ best episodes.  Now, while Rifftrax prepares to revisit the “classic” film in a live special August 16th (coming to theaters – visit www.rifftrax.com for more info), FreakZone games is currently working on an 8-bit-based side-scrolling platformer/action game based on the film.

Manos: The Hands of Fate will be releasing in the App Store this week, challenging players as they take on Manos and his evil forces (including the deadliest fireplace ever).

“It’s an epic celebration of nostalgic badness, presented as something good,” FreakZone wrote on its blog page. “Mike encounters a wild snake in the desert? Enemy snakes!  An unusually long, lingering shot of a fireplace?  LIVING FIREPLACE BOSS!”

Rifftrax is aware of the game’s presence as well.  “Weird, but even at 8-bit resolution, this game looks way, way better than the film!” said Mike Nelson, who also worked on MST 3K. “Can’t wait to ‘master’ the game.”

“It’s about time someone gave Torgo his own tiny airplane, and hopefully they retrofitted it for his huge knees,” says Bill Corbett, another member of the Rifftrax crew who used to work at Mystery Science Theater.  “An airborne, dogfightin’ Torgo can only be a good thing. I predict that this game will be bigger than Skyrim!”

You can check out the game’s trailer here, and enjoy all that Manos has to deliver later this week.  This one’s for Torgo!