Timber!  Sega, working on a new mobile division that calls itself Sega Alliance, have announced their first game in the venture, which is now available in the App Store, and soon on Android.

The game is called Jack Lumber, and it comes to us from Owlchemy Labs.  It’s essentially packed with gameplay that fans of the Fruit Ninja games will be very familiar with, as it requires you to chop logs in certain ways across each stage.

But get this – there’s a story.  In the game, you follow Jack as he swings his axe in the name of vengeance, seeking the “evil” tree that killed his grandmother.  What was that tree THINKING?!

“We’re very excited about being the first developer to partner with Sega Alliance,” said Alex Schwartz, chief scientist at Owlchemy Labs. “We’ll be able to introduce Jack Lumber to a much wider audience than we’d originally hoped thanks to the resources provided by Sega Alliance. Working with Sega has been the opposite of dealing with a lumbering bureaucracy. We just focused on making a great game. Now Jack Lumber is branching out across mobile devices and players worldwide can show those treacherous trees who’s boss!”

Pick up Jack Lumber for $1.99 at the App Store.