In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, designing your own fabulous patterns couldn’t be easier. Just call up the design menu at anytime, and an impressive array of tools and color options lets you create practically any pattern you can dream up. Once you’ve created a basic design, zoom in and use the grid overlay for fine-tuning and detail work. That’s how the pros do it!

Displaying Designs


You can save up to 10 designs in your design menu. Once saved, a design can be displayed at anytime. You may wear your designs as clothing, set them as your town flag (if you’re the mayor), or spread them on walls and floors inside your home. Simply tap a design and then choose how you’d like to display it from the command list.

Pro Designs

patterns 3

New to Animal Crossing: New Leaf, pro designs let you add more depth and detail to designs you intend to wear as clothing. With pro designs, you can make unique patterns for the front, back, and even the sleeves of a shirt. These special designs can only be crafted at the Able Sisters’ shop on Main Street. Experiment with pro designs, and see just how crafty you can get!