Meet Steve, a seasoned writer for Prima Games and the author of the Animal Crossing: New Leaf strategy guide. He knows his way around the game, and to help you get ready for release day, he answers some key questions about the game and the guide. 

How long did it take to write the strategy guide?

It took me about two months to write the guide, from my first day playing the game to the point where the guide was all polished up and approved for printing.

Why is the guide a smaller size?

At Prima, we sometimes go with smaller trim sizes for guides to handheld games. Smaller guides are easier to travel with, making them a little more convenient when you’re gaming on the go.

Is the Animal Crossing: New Leaf e-guide laid out in a different format than the physical copy? Does it contain the same information?

Prima’s Animal Crossing: New Leaf e-guide contains the exact same content and information as the physical guide sold in stores. Purchase whichever version you find to be the most convenient!

Is being mayor that different from being a standard villager?

Yes! The mayor player enjoys power that standard villagers simply don’t wield. For example, only the mayor can customize the town by assigning ordinances and initiating Public Works Projects. That said, being a normal villager is just as enjoyable, because you can help the mayor by donating Bells to Public Works Projects.

Why do we need to swim?

Swimming is an all-new mechanic that lets you explore the sea and dive for hidden goodies. The unique items that you find while diving underwater can be donated to the museum or sold for Bells, just like the fish and bugs you catch with a rod and net.

What was one of the most challenging parts of the game?

Discovering everything! Animal Crossing: New Leaf has exponentially more content to explore than any previous installment in the series. Beyond the thousands of furniture and clothing items that you can acquire, you now have a host of all-new Public Works Projects to unlock, like building the police station and upgrading the museum. Tom Nook also offers an array of exterior home renovations, and Tortimer’s island tours must be unlocked. Suffice it to say, this is a game you’ll be enjoying for years!

Did you have a favorite new feature?

This is a tough one, as there are so many great new features. If I had to choose just one, it would be the new Public Works Projects. These new projects let you flex your mayoral muscle and customize your town in all sorts of cool ways. You might build a campsite to attract visitors, for example, or construct a café to provide residents with a cool place to hang. When friends come to visit, they’ll get a kick out of seeing how your town has grown.

Are you still going to play Animal Crossing: New Leaf even after working on it?

Of course! This is easily one of my favorite games on the 3DS. I’m looking forward to enjoying the game on my terms and at my own pace, rather than for a deadline!