Nintendo’s Animal Crossing: New Leaf contains several money-making opportunities, with turnips one of the riskier means of earning bells.  These precious vegetables can boost a person’s virtual bank account if he or she knows how to play the “Stalk Market.”  That said, these beginner's tips will help you “turnip” a profit; we know, terrible.

-On Sundays, look for Joan the boar and strike up a conversation.  Keep in mind she only sells turnips on Sundays.

-The price of turnips changes.  For instance, we bought ours at 109 bells per turnip.

-Joan sells turnips in bunches of 10.

-Turnips automatically rot after one week.

-Turnips will also rot if you mess with the 3DS system’s internal clock, aka time shifting.

-You can eat turnips if you feel the urge.

-Visit Reese at Re-Tail to sell your turnips.  The price goes up and down daily except Sundays when prices are not set.

-Reese will not buy turnips on Sundays.

-You’re free to check the current sell price before parting with turnips.

-Take advantage of high sell prices. Today (6/7), Reese buys turnips for 215 bells a piece.  Tomorrow could be much lower.  Sometimes it’s best to avoid gambling.  

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