Assassin's Creed III: Liberation

The time for the truth has arrived. A conclusion to the adventure. An end to the tale. Sequence 9 is such sweet sorrow.

Initializing Final Sequence

It is well past the hour of truth. The time for answers is here and the secret of the Company Man, the individual who has lead this Templar attack against New Orleans, the Bayou and Chichen Itza, is ready to be unveiled.

Clean up, clean up, everybody everywhere

If you have any last collectables to grab this is your last chance to do it; you won't really get another chance until the game is complete. You can use the Fast Travel locations on the top-right and bottom-left of the map to reach the Bayou and Chichen Itza to make sure you got everything you need out of them. Grind away at your empire if you need more money to buy all the items the stores offer.

As a reminder of everything you need to collect, ask yourself, ”Did I find...”

All the Broaches? The broaches can be charmed off of rich fellows with Aveline's Lady Persona and show up on the minimap as diamond-shaped icons.

All the Assassin's Coins? The Assassin's Coins are found in the Bayou and New Orleans from muggers. All you need to do is smack them around with your fists and then loot them to get the coins. The coins appear on your minimap as, well, coins of course!

All the Voodoo Dolls? The Voodoo Dolls are found off of houngans that are all dressed in red and look like Native Americans. You just need to pickpocket a houngan to get the doll. The dolls appear on your minimap as an icon that looks like a little person with pointed arms and no legs.

All the Alligator Eggs? The Alligator Eggs are found in the Bayou next to, er, alligators. The won't appear on your minimap unless you're in their general vicinity with Eagle Vision on, but have an egg icon when they do. If you see a gator, you're on the right path.

All the Diary Pages? The Diary Pages are probably the hardest items to collect in the game. The easiest way to find them is by combing each of the maps while turning your Eagle Vision off and on at intervals to have them appear on you minimap the same way gator eggs do. Once you've been to their general vicinity with Eagle Vision on they'll appear on the minimap as icons that look like pages.

All the Mayan Statuettes? These only appear in Chichen Itza, Mexico. They are a lot like the Diary Pages in that they don't show up on the minimap until you get in their general vicinity with Eagle Vision, but there are fair less of them than the pages, so finding them is less of a task. Just search behind buildings and on top of them with Eagle Vision on to locate them. They look like little statues of tribal men once on your minimap.

All the Pocket Watches? You can only purchase Pocket Watches from smugglers roaming on just about every map, so this one is a breeze. Just track a smuggler down by way of his Western bank robber-looking icon on the map and purchase all of the watches from him.

All the Viewpoints? This one is also easy: Just head to each map and look for eagle icons to find a Viewpoint. Then head over to them, climb them and synchronize to get it.

All the stores? In order to buy all of the stores you have to complete all of the Business Rivals missions. Every time you complete one of those missions, a bunch of stores close down, leaving them available for you to purchase.

All the treasure chests? This one might be as bad as the Diary Pages. Sometimes you will find treasure maps that will put a treasure chest on your map, but for the most part you're going to have to comb the individual areas with your Eagle Vision on in order to track down the chests.

100% synchro in all missions? This one is easy in that you can just hit Start, go to Database and select DNA. Each of the individual Sequences and side quests can be replayed from there. As an added bonus, this menu will also show which missions you got full synchro in and which ones you didn't.

If you want to know how much progress you've made collecting each item, just hit Start, go to Options, pick Stats, then go to Exploration to see the percentages of everything you need to collect (except for stores, you need to go to Economy to track those).

Once you've finished your last minute collecting, it is time to see Aveline's quest to its conclusion. Head to the Mansion de Grandpre to begin your last set of missions. Interact with the glowing circle in front of the mansion, then head inside of it.

Everything old is new again

Aveline finds her step-mother playing the piano and the truth is revealed: Aveline's step-mother, Madeline, IS the Company Man! Aveline barely makes an escape from her step-mother, but is met with more hostility once outside the Mansion de Grandpre's doors. Apparently the reach of the Company Man is even greater than Aveline had imagined, for all of the guards just outside her once place of refuge are now out for blood; Aveline's blood, to be precise.

Don't try and escape, that'll only cause you to fail the mission. Fight away the waves of guards and survive for one minute to gain a synchro bonus. Take enough damage and Aveline's step-mother will halt the soldiers, making one last plea for Aveline's support. Aveline, uncertain of whether or not her step-mother's aims are noble, hesitates and escapes to the Bayou to confront Agate on his inability to discover the truth himself.

Agate, still sore about Aveline's departure, is none too pleased to see her. When she explains the truth behind the Company Man, he berates Aveline for not discovering the truth sooner. Aveline retorts by reminding Agate of his duties as an assassin are the same as Aveline's. Agate will not hear reason and attacks Aveline, as though her step-mother had entrapped her and was now a danger to everyone who fights for a free New Orleans.

Show Agate that you are the superior assassin by taking him down. He will use tricks that will cause Aveline to see enemies from the past that are simply illusions, but you must fight them all the same. Finish this mission in five minutes or less without taking damage to receive a full synchro bonus.

This fight is simply a fight: Do enough damage to Agate and defeat his illusions to win. The enemies here do a lot of damage if their hits make contact, so try and use your firearm as often as you can to bring the enemies down swiftly without exposing yourself to damage.

After defeating two waves of enemies, Agate will reappear on the second level of his tree fort. Head up there and he'll create more illusions for you to do battle with. Dispatch these illusions and Agate will reappear and you will be prompted to kill him. Take a swing at him and he will create even more illusions. Do this two times total and the final confrontation will begin on top of the tree Agate's fort is built around.

With Agate at Aveline's mercy, he is given instructions to flee the Bayou and never return. Agate refuses to live in fear and without purpose, so he casts himself off the top of the tree into the Bayou below.

Now a wiser woman, Aveline returns to meet her mother and agrees to become part of the Templar order. The city of New Orleans is saved and the Order of the Assassin's is over.

Congratulations! You just beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee









History is written by the victor they say and the Templars own this bit of history, but Citizen E aims to reclaim it for the people once more and show the truth behind the truths.

The Animus reloads with a fragmented world in front of Aveline and the command to kill Citizen E's avatar is given. Find the avatar in under two minutes for a synchro bonus.

The level layout here is quite linear despite it's scattered appearance. If there is not an obvious path for you to take ahead of you, look to the sides and above you. The path to the avatar is simple, so long as you don't allow this place to play with your mind.

Follow the path straight ahead until you reach the platform with the balcony on it. Make a U-turn to the left and slide under the floating wall. Climb up the stair-steps and then up the wall, jumping onto the balcony to the left of the wall.

Follow the balcony until it concludes and jump onto the L-shaped platform ahead. Follow the path until you reach the platform that the avatar is standing on and the avatar will disappear. Slide under the floating wall ahead and jump onto the L-shaped platform ahead. Follow this path until you reach the next platform Citizen E's avatar is on and it'll vanish again.

Follow the platform around the bend and climb up the stair-steps. Continue on until you reach the avatar ahead, at which point you will be able to assassinate him, revealing the truth.

Madeline, Aveline's step-mother, seems to be having issues using the now complete disk. It would seem that Aveline didn't just cough up all of the parts as Madeline had hoped. Aveline's step-mother sicks her guards on Aveline and you need to take care of them. Kill nine guards without taking damage to receive a synchro bonus.

After taking out the first three guards, Madeline will be marked on the second floor above. Use this time to reload you firearms and loot the bodies of your fallen enemies for more ammunition, then head up to the second floor after Madeline.

Another wave of three guards will be waiting for you at the top of the stairs. Dispatch them, loot their bodies and another set of guards will make their way to you. Clear them out the same way and move forward.

Up ahead, Madeline will challenge Aveline directly, but she is no match for the trained assassin. Hit her once and she'll drop faster than a piano launched from orbit.

Aveline disposes of Madeline, ending the Templar threat in New Orleans for the time being. As for Aveline... well she's still an assassin, there are still Templars and you still have the ability to roam any of the maps as you've seen fit, so go and explore, adventure and enjoy. That's what Aveline would see fit to do.

Thanks for joining me on this journey through Assassin's Creed 3: Liberation. I hope you've enjoyed this guide and have found it helpful. I look forward to writing more guides for you in the near future.

End of Program

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