Vita game Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation has the option to fire poison darts from an umbrella in one of the heroine’s costumes.

Aveline, born in New Orleans is the first time a woman has been the main character in an Assassin’s Creed title. She wears a hooded assassin’s robe through most of the game, as we’ve seen at Gamescom this week.

However, there is the option to switch outfit throughout specific shops in the game, with choices such as aristocrat or servant.

While Aveline is dressed as an aristocrat she’s able to flirt her way through situations without harming enemies. In an outfit like that though, long dress and cumbersome hat, she won’t be doing any jumping, diving or otherwise so it’s probably a good job there are other options.

Aristocrat outfits will allow players to use a gadget James Bond would be proud of – a poison dart-firing umbrella capable of killing from a distance. While it’s not the fastest weapon to reload there’s a choice of ammo effects: instant death or rage-inducing darts are the first two we’ve been told about.

One option to non-lethally pass guards involves holding crates in order to look like someone hard at work. You’ll be able to enroll members of the public that aren’t too keen on the establishment to help out too. In true Assassin’s Creed style, after a task is carried out you can blend into a peasant crowd.