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1.6 Sequence 5

Sequence 05: Heir to the Empire

Memory 01

THE JANISSARIES: Speak to the man at the waypoint marker inside the Grand Bazaar to begin this Memory. After the opening cutscene, loot the nearby chest to acquire the Cherry Bombs that you need to complete the Full Synch requirement, then walk into the green search zone further south. Head left at the intersection, and you will find Tarik in the next room; if he is not immediately revealed, use Eagle Sense to identify him.

Take cover behind a pillar, then follow when he departs. Transfer from stationary to mobile Blends to track him seamlessly until you reach a checkpoint. When the brief cinematic ends, either hide in the nearby hay cart or retreat back along the corridor you arrived by to avoid detection when Tarik reenters the Grand Bazaar.

Tail your target until you reach another cutscene. This is your opportunity to use a Cherry Bomb to complete the Full Synch condition. From a Blend position just inside the red Restricted Area, quickly throw a bomb at the entrance to the north corridor, then sneak into the corridor to your left (leading west) when the Janissaries standing guard stroll over to investigate (Fig. 1).

Once again, tail Tarik from a distance...