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2.3 Templar Dens

Liberating Templar Dens is the only way to enjoy the full benefits of the Mediterranean Defense and Rebuilding Constantinople metagames, or to play the twelve Master Assassin Missions. Before we begin, a few tips and observations:

As revealed in the final Memory of Sequence 02, you must kill the Templar Captain in the Restricted Area surrounding a Den before lighting the Signal Fire to conquer a region. There are four distinct types of Captains: Some are cowards and will flee if they spot Ezio; if they reach an escape point before he can kill them, they will remain hidden for twenty minutes.

Other Captains are bold and will gladly lock blades with Ezio. Finally, some Captains are marked, with their positions revealed by the corresponding icon the moment you enter the Restricted Area. Others are unmarked, and must be identified with Eagle Sense.

A full stock of Throwing Knives and Poison is essential for each attack on a Templar Den. The Poison Dart weapon is extraordinarily efficient. Rooftop sentries in Templar Dens are extremely vigilant, and will frequently move to investigate even a brief sighting of Ezio. Use this to your advantage, luring Gunmen to positions where you can safely ambush them...