Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition

Baldur's Gate is a game packed with personality in the form of your party members. Your party can only contain 5 of the possible 28(!!) characters so hopefully this will help make your choices easier!

Like many other RPGs of the day, Baldur's Gate drops you into the Sword Coast with space to bring 5 additional characters along with the main character bringing your total party size to 6. Unlike other RPGs you have a huge cast of 28 total characters that can serve as party members! There is a lot to take into consideration when putting together a party. Your companions all have their own personal goals to complete as well as individual alignments and personalities so if your actions do not agree with them, they will not hesitate to pack up and leave you altogether! With that in mind, here is a fairly comprehensive list of the 25 basic party members in Baldur's Gate and the 3 extra characters included in the enhanced edition.


"Halt! Be you friend or foe?"

Ajantis can be found north of the Friendly Arm Inn.

  • Human Male Paladin
  • Lawful Good

As a paladin, Ajantis is a solid tank for your party. His moderately high constitution means he will end up with a healthy Hit Point count and his 17 strength means he will be able to do some decent damage as well. Like any other Paladin, Ajantis has a whole mess of emergency buttons from lay on hands to a small selection of cleric spells as he gains levels. Beware though, Ajantis is a Lawful Good character and won't tolerate unjust actions for long.


"I don't think you are happy enough! I'll teach you to be happy!"

You will bump into Alora in the Hall of Wonders in Baldur's Gate.

  • Halfling Female Thief
  • Chaotic Good

Alora is a fantastic addition to most parties as she boasts an impressive 19 dexterity. This high score and being a halfling gives her a huge boost in her basic thief skills that only get higher as she gains levels. Her chaotic nature means she is much easier to please than other party members as well.


"By Valkur's strapping buttocks!"

You can recruit Branwen at the Carnival near Nashkell by using a stone to flesh spell or scroll to heal her.

  • Human Female Cleric
  • True Neutral

Branwen joins your party as a fairly capable cleric in her own right. The interesting part is that as a human, Branwen is capable of Dual Classing as she levels and with a 16 dexterity (17 if you choose to give her a Manual of Dexterity) Switching over to Thief is a viable option. Making her a dual-class Cleric/Thief will let her take advantage of her new thief skills while retaining her Cleric spells and making her even more versatile in combat.


"Luck be a lady"

You can find Coran while exploring Cloakwood. He will join up with you on the condition you hunt down and kill the Wyverns in Cloakwood.

  • Male Elf Fighter/Thief
  • Chaotic Good

Coran has a unique 3 proficiency points in Bows which is normally not possible for a Fighter/Thief and makes him a great ranged addition to the party. He also possesses a superhuman 20 in Dexterity which makes him even more effective both as a Thief and easily the best ranged fighter in the game. With his multi-class of Fighter and therefore higher HP, Coran is also no slouch should enemies slip past your tanks and take a few swings at him.


"Go here, do that. What about MY needs!?"

Dynaheir is being held by the Gnolls in the Gnoll Stronghold. There are several ways she may be recruited. Most first time players will find her at the behest of Minsc or Edwin but even if you have not encountered either of them she can still be recruited. Be warned that if Edwin is in your party, when Dynaheir is found you will have to either fight her or Edwin.

(TIP: You can save time and trouble by seeking out Dynaheir before meeting Minsc or Edwin. If you already have her in your party, Edwin will not try to fight you). Once Minsc and Dynaheir are reunited, they are a pair and any party you put together with one must contain the other.

  • Human female Invoker
  • Lawful Good

Dynaheir is a specialized mage, an Invoker. She gains a bonus when casting spells from the invocation school of magic and gets bonus spells each day as a result but as a trade off, she cannot cast or learn any spells from the Enchantment school of magic. This makes her a more effective damage-dealer than other types of mage. As an alternative, she also has a fairly high Wisdom score and with application of Tomes of Understanding can increase it and optionally dual class as a cleric. Doing this will allow her to fling spells at foes as well as support the party as a backup healer during tough fights.


"Please don't disturb me while I'm plotting to overthrow you." Edwin hangs out on a bridge at the south end of Nashkell and asks for your assistance in tracking down the "witch" Dynaheir.

  • Human Male Conjurer
  • Lawful Evil

Edwin is a specialty mage like Dynaheir. As a Conjurer he gains bonus spells from the Conjuration school of magic but is restricted from using Divination magic (this includes the ever-useful Identify). He also comes equipped with an amulet that grants him a bonus spell of each level. As a result, Edwin has two bonus spells of each spell level each day and coupled with his 18 intelligence, makes him the most powerful spellcaster available in the entire game! The only limitation with Edwin is his alignment, which prevents him from getting along with a good-aligned party. There's also the little fact that Edwin hates you and is usually plotting some way to overthrow you.....


"This is so tedious"

You can find Eldoth near the south side of the river in the third area of the Cloakwood. After an exhaustive conversation, you can recruit him. Once you recruit both him and Skie, they cannot be separated and any party containing one of them must contain the other.

  • Human Male Bard
  • Neutral Evil

As a bard, Eldoth has a variety of skills ranging from moderate combat ability to thief skills and even a few mage spells though he does not excel at any of them. Eldoth is best used in an evil party where you may find yourself with more limited party member options or in a party that could use a little boost in one area.


"I am Fladorn. I have been looking for those who would fight for the sanctity of this forest"

In the third area of the Cloakwood you can meet up with Faldorn.

  • Human Female Druid
  • True Neutral

Faldorn is an odd one. For one, she and Jaheira are from two different druid orders and as a result do not get along in the least. That being said, it is worth bringing Faldorn along for two main reasons. The first is that she is able to reach a higher level than any other healer and gets more spells as a result. The other is that she has a character-specific ability, Summon Dread Wolf. This spell brings in a rather helpful animal companion to help out in battle that does not count against Faldorn's spells each day.


"Brave-brave Sir Garrick, Sir Garrick led the way. Brave-brave Sir Garrick, Sir Garrick ran away"

You can run into Garrick while traveling around Beregost.

  • Human Male Bard
  • Chaotic Neutral

Like all bards, Garrick has a little bit of a hard time finding a place in parties. He brings some fighting skills, a little magic and a handful of thief skills but he does not have any specialization. In addition, Garrick also lacks any significant ability scores of note and is best used for the fact that as they level, Bards are able to identify most magic items without the use of a spell.


"Heya! It's me, Imoen!"

Imoen joins your party right at the beginning of chapter 1

  • Human Female Thief
  • Neutral Good

Imoen is your first and closest party member. She begins as a thief but her naturally high intelligence just begs for her to become a dual class mage. Whichever route you take with her, Imoen tends to remain an incredibly useful party member throughout the entire game since she joins you at level 1 and you have almost as much flexibility with her leveling as you do with your main character.


"Yes, oh omnipresent authority figure?"

Jaheira joins your party alongside Khalid in the Friendly Arm Inn.

  • Half-elf Female Fighter/Druid
  • True Neutral

As one of the first six recruitable party members, Jaheira has a good mix of stats and classes, especially if you have a less physical main character. She is partnered with Khalid and any party with one of them must contain the other. Having good physical stats makes up for Jaheira's relatively low wisdom and she is best used in the frontlines where she can toss out emergency healing to your other combatants. Being multi-class, Jaheria will eventually learn some shapeshifting abilities but her Druid level will never get high enough for them to be relied on heavily.


"I need an ale."

You can recruit Kagain in Beregost when you agree to help him look into a missing caravan

  • Dwarf Male Fighter
  • Lawful Evil

He may not look it but Kagain is easily the most tank-ready party member in the game. He comes decked out with a moderate strength and a troll-like constitution. His 20 constitution actually gives him the ability to regenerate 1 hp a round which may not seem like much but when decked out with a good set of armor, can give him the resilience to shrug off a good deal of damage. Keep in mind that even though he may not act it, Kagain is an evil-aligned character and will not tolerate too much charity before he becomes disgusted with you and takes off.


"Click on someone your own size!"

Khalid is recruited alongside Jaheira in the Friendly Arm Inn near the beginning of the game.

  • Half-elf Male Fighter
  • Neutral Good

In the early game, Khalid serves as a decent enough tank but unfortunately quickly becomes outstripped by other fighters. He only has a 15 strength but his higher-than-average dexterity and consitution make him fairly hardy with a decent AC and HP count. If your main character is a thief or a mage it is worth keeping Khalid around since he is partnered with the much more flexible Jaheira.


"Don't bother me."

You run into Kivan at the High Hedge hunting the bandits at the Bandit Camp.

  • Elf Male Ranger
  • Chaotic Good

Kivan is a very solid addition to most any party. As a ranger he eventually learns a limited selection of cleric spells, making him able to heal in a pinch. He is also one of the only three recruitable party members with a strength of 18+!



You can find Minsc in Nashkell, searching for his partner Dynaheir.

  • Human Male Ranger(Berserker)
  • Neutral Good

Not much needs to be said about this undeniable fan-favorite character. Minsc is without a doubt the best melee fighter in Baldur's Gate. He has a strength of 18/93 which allows him to deal massive amount of bonus damage. He also has the ability to fly into a berserk rage in combat. Doing this makes him even more formidable in combat as even if he is dealt severe damage, he will not fall until his rage ends. Be warned that should Minsc still be enraged when combat ends, he may end up targeting another member of your party instead! Once Dynaheir has been recruited, she and Minsc become partnered and cannot be separated. Fortunately, both of these characters are top tier damage dealers and worth including in most parties. Plus, Minsc comes complete with Boo, who will most certainly assist you with his infinite wisdom. Though it's too bad only Minsc can understand him....


"What need ye dead?"

As you depart the first area of chapter 1 you will run into Montaron standing on the road near his companion Xzar.

  • Halfling Male Fighter/Thief
  • Neutral Evil

Montaron is a fairly average party member but at the beginning of the game comes with a handful of useful skills. As a fighter/thief he is able to go toe-to-toe with early enemies and can also pop a few locks and traps along the way. While he doesn't have anything spectacular about him, he is very reliable with a 15 or higher in all three physical stats. He is partnered with Xzar and both must be in the party together.


"I am so smart! S-M-R-T... I mean S-M-A-R-T."

You can find Quale at the drawbridge leading into Baldur's Gate.

  • Gnome Male Cleric/Illusionist
  • Chaotic Neutral

Quale is a good filler character, especially for parties that are a little physical heavy. Like all gnomes, Quale's mage specialization is Illusion magic. Coupled with his Cleric levels, he is set for almost any situation. His wisdom and charisma are on the lower side so don't expect him to do much aside from fling a couple healing or bless spells around but you can really never have too much healing.


"Yes dear?"

The only way to recruit Safara is to complete the quests at the Lighthouse. These quests are only accessible if your reputation is below 14.

  • Human Female Thief
  • Chaotic Neutral

Safana is an interesting one. You must clear a series of difficult fights to recruit her and once you do you may notice that her stats are not exactly spread out well for a thief. It is almost a given to have her read a couple Tomes of Clear Thought to increase her intelligence then multi-class her into a mage.

Shar Teel

"If it bleeds, I can kill it"

You can find and recruit Shar Teel north of Gullykin

  • Human Female Fighter
  • Chaotic Evil

While she doesn't jump out and say hi like other party members do, it can be quite worth your while to seek out and recruit Shar Teel. As one of the only three party members with an 18+ strength, she is capable of large amounts of damage. She also comes with a 17 dexterity which gives you an interesting option. Should you level her as a fighter until she is able to attain 4 or 5 points of proficiency in one weapon then dual-class her into a Thief, Shar Teel becomes one of if not the best damage dealers in the game as her attack bonus from weapon mastery will stack with the backstab multiplier! Combine that with a high bonus damage from her strength and a backstab from Shar Teel can fell almost any foe in a single hit! The only limitation to using her is her Chaotic Evil alignment which will prevent almost any good-aligned party from keeping her around long.

Skie Silvershield

"I have a cold..."

Skie can be found inside Entar Silvershield's estate in Baldur's Gate. She will only speak to and join your party if you are accompanied by Eldoth.

  • Human Female Thief
  • True Neutral

Skie is partnered with Eldoth, so any party with one of them must contain the other. She comes with a good set of stats for a thief and can compliment her partner well in a party lacking more subtle skills.


"The day will come when TIAX will point and click!"

You can find and recruit Tiax in the southeastern portion of Baldur's Gate

  • Gnome Male Cleric/Thief
  • Chaotic Evil

Since healers can be more difficult to stock up on for an evil party, Tiax is a welcome and rather amusing addition. Despite the Gnome racial bonus to wisdom, Tiax's serving of Cyric (the mad God) means his wisdom is questionable and he is less stacked mentally than more sane party members. With moderate scores in his other stats, Tiax can best be used to fill out any missing support roles in an evil-aligned party.


"There is no roof to this world."

You can find Viconia handing out in Peldvale

  • Drow Female Cleric
  • Neutral Evil

Viconia is a bit of a fun character. She uses the rules for an elf but is actually a Dark Elf, or Drow. She has one of the highest dexterity scores for any party member at a 19 despite not being a thief which is a blessing in disguise since she has a pretty poor consitution and a penalty to her hip point increases each level. Her other stats are in a decent range and as long as you can avoid getting her hit, Viconia is a welcome addition in most evil parties. (Tip. Don't form any parties cntaining both Kivan and Viconia. As a surface elf, Kivan despises Drow like Viconia and may actually attack her without warning!)


"We're all doomed."

While clearing out the Nashkell Mines, you will come across Xan and be able to recruit him

  • Elf Male Enchanter
  • Lawful Neutral

Other than an excessively low constitution, Xan has a well-rounded group of stats and is a solid magical addition to most parties. As an enchanter, he gains bonus spells each day and also has a special weapon you can recover. If you can return Xan's Moonblade to him, you will find his combat and spellcasting abilities greatly amplified and his usefulness in your party increased.


"Montaron, you are so AGGRAVATING! It is disturbing to my demeanor!"

Xzar can be found at the end of the first area near the beginning of the game standing near his partner, Montaron

  • Human Male Necromancer
  • Chaotic Evil

As a necromancer, Xzar receives the benefit of a bonus spell of each level. With a naturally high dexterity you are also presented with the option of dual-classing Xzar into a Thief, augmenting his spellcasting with backstabs and thieving abilities. He is also worth keeping around just to listen to his odd musings.

Yeslick Orothiar

"Aye, who's there now?"

Yeslick can be found while delving in the Cloakwood Mines and is met during the story quest in the area.

  • Dwarf Male Fighter/Cleric
  • Lawful Good

As close to a Paladin as a dwarf can be in Baldur's Gate, Yeslick is a very solid addition for a good party. The only area he is lacking in is intelligence which is the least important stat for either of his classes. A solid wisdom and constitution makes him a great backup tank or support since his Cleric levels allow him to heal himself if needed or keep the party fighting in melee combat.


Dorn Il-Khan

"Be direct."

You can find Dorn early in the game hanging out at the Friendly Arm Inn. However, he won't join you until you are ambushed by bandits. After they are slain, he will approach you with an offer to join.

  • Half-Orc Male Blackguard
  • Lawful Evil

A prime example of one of the many upgrades in the enhanced edition, Dorn is both a half-orc and a blackguard. Both of these are newly added options to the enhanced edition of the game. Blackguards are a specialized version of the paladin class and have their own set of unique abilities. Dorn also comes with an exceptional 19 strength and a unique sword that gives him additional strength making him a fantastic damage dealer for evil parties.


"Uh huh?"

Parties will bump into Neera in Beregost where she asks for the party's help. Provided you opt to assist her she will join your party after the encounter.

  • Half-elf Female Wild Mage
  • Chaotic Neutral

Bringing wild magic to the table is always interesting. In play terms, it means that 50% of Neera's spells will result in a completely different effect once unleashed. This can make Neera both incredibly powerful and incredibly unreliable at the same time. Bring her along if you want to add a unique challenge to the game.

Rasaad yn Bashir

"I will show you justice!"

While exploring Nashkell and the nearby fairgrounds you will run into Rasaad.

  • Human Male Monk
  • True Neutral

Monks are one of the biggest additions to the enhanced edition of Baldur's Gate. Unlike Neera and Dorn who use variations of existing classes, monks are a completely new class. At lower levels Rasaad and other monks have fairly limited combat abilities but as they reach higher and higher levels, monks become particularly devastating with multiple unarmed attacks each round and the ability to stun opponents in combat.

Hopefully this will help you make a few decisions or at least give you a new perspective on your potential party members while on your travels across the Sword Coast!

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