Thanks to my work with Prima Games, I recently had the great honor of visiting a magical land full of lights, fun, joyful people, and wonders of the world as they came together to join hands and create yet even more magic. No, I didn’t visit Disneyland. I am first and foremost a gamer, making the Electronic Entertainment Expo (or E3 as it is better known) the haven for me and my fellow gaming warriors. The week was full of gaming and meeting fantastic people such as: video game industry professionals, extremely talented amateur developers, Twitch official partners and staff, and triple-A-title veterans. From my first “Uber” ride to an official party, this was an experience I will never forget.

Ironically, experiencing so much about video games that happens outside of the worlds that are created in our machines felt surreal and like it should not be happening right in front of my face. As a Prima Games author I have been given the opportunity to travel to various development companies, speak with the people who make the games that we all love, and play them before they release—all to write the best and most helpful strategy that we possibly could. Although these experiences were fantastic and mind-blowing, nothing matches the intensity of the Video Game Valhalla that is E3.

Each day, I hit the show floor early so I could take full advantage of my time and roam the showroom floor. With my camera in-hand, my little nerdy self was so excited that I was in a place where Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, EA, Ubisoft, Bethesda, Activision, and many more were all gathered in one place to talk video games. I shot hours and hours of footage.

There was a long list of games to see, and I saw as many as I possibly could. In addition to the incredible game presentations and booth experiences of Bethesda, Ubisoft, and EA, just to name a few, I got some hands-on time with several upcoming games. I had so much fun playing BattleCry, a multiplayer objective-based game where you must play your classes very specifically in order for your team to succeed. Playing through everything at the Indie-cade section of the show floor opened my game library to excellent independently developed games that will keep anyone entertained for hours at a time. Another standout game I was lucky enough to play was For Honor. For Honor is a tactical sword-fighting game; after a small learning curve it revealed a ton of potential for players to show off skill and tactics when fighting the enemy. Think of For Honor as a medieval fast paced, rock-paper-scissors type sword fighting competitive multiplayer game that is full of extreme combat and brutal deaths.

Nestled within these wonders of a popular gamer’s world, I found the Prima Games booth, bright red and covered in the books that my colleagues and I spent many hours getting right and working our hardest to create. It was beautiful; it was something I couldn’t have imagined better myself. The booth just looked great and was helmed by the people of the company that help make the fantastic books we all read to accompany and fulfill our video game experience.

The next couple days were filled with the Official Twitch/Xbox party, great people that love video games, and fun events. The party was a place where I received the great opportunity to listen to fantastic music and speak with the most respected Twitch partners. I learned a great deal that I plan on integrating into the official Prima Games Twitch.

I want to thank everyone that I met in Los Angeles and everyone that helped me gain access to E3. Visiting E3 was an incredible opportunity for me to look into the future of video games and learn new ways to develop my approach to strategy and to livestreaming!

Danotage writes strategy guides and hosts livestreams for Prima Games. For more Danotage, check him out on Twitch every Tuesday at 3:00 PM Pacific for Prima's regular livestream, or head to @Danotage.