Shortly after announcing their rent-a-server program where players can rent dedicated servers to customize to their liking for $25 a month, Electronic Arts has been trying to bump up the business for its first-person shooter Battlefield 3.  Unfortunately, it left a few fans skeptical with a rumor that servers were disappearing to make room for the customization service.

The rumor indicated that the official servers for the game were vanishing in favor of the custom ones.  Electronic Arts stated today that this is simply not the case and they’re completely intact.  

“DICE is not shutting down the servers,” said a rep for the company.  “If DICE-managed servers appear unavailable, it is because they have been rented and customized by players.  DICE will continue to add servers and will reserve a percentage of servers for players who prefer to connect through DICE-hosted servers.”

The company is trying to keep interest in the series going at a fever pitch, mainly because of the new Close Quarters downloadable content that will be arriving this summer.