With the new Close Quarters map in full bloom and plenty more on the way in the next few months (through the company’s new Premium initiative), EA is deadly serious about boosting business for its best-selling Battlefield 3 game.  And with that, it’s added a nice little bonus, just in time to celebrate the Fourth of July holiday.

The company has announced that it has begun a week-long event where players can stack up their XP points.  The double XP members will be in full effect for Premium members, letting them earn extra on kills and additional perks that will make them ultimate in battle.  Meanwhile, those who don’t have a Premium subscription just yet can still get in on the action, as you’ll be able to get two and a half days worth of XP goodness, starting on July 4th.  (Premium owners can get started today.)

The perks run through July 8th, so we suggest hopping online and getting your kills in there.  Last one in gets to hold the C4!