The Scout Helicopters in Battlefield 4, much like Battlefield 3, are one of the most powerful classes of vehicles available. The combination of speed, agility and firepower make them a threat in the hands of any capable pilot.

A short time ago, David "Mabooza" Knight, one of the authors of the Prima Games official Battlefield 4 Guide, made video explaining the basics of flying helicopters. Building on the foundation that was set by Mabooza, Battlefield veteran x-Rumpo-x is going to kick things up a notch. Of course, explaining how to fly isn't something that can be accomplished in two videos, so we're going to keep pumping them out until the topic is fully explored. 

Today's concept is how to keep your helicopter in the air. Have a look at the topics below. 

  • The importance of having a squad mate constantly repairing you
  • Areas of the map to operate and areas to avoid completely
  • Engaging the enemy using hit-and-run tactics
  • Using your environment as a natural counter measure
  • Bracing for the impact of missiles that can't be avoided 

Have a look at our video. Before you do, though, make sure you've already checked out the basics of flying by clicking here

What are your tips for keeping your helicopter in the air? Let us know in the comments.