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Walkthrough Prologue

As Nicholas Mendoza, a newly promoted Vice detective for the Miami Police Department, the player sets out to fight the drug war that plagues the city. Following orders from his Captain, Julian Dawes, Nick takes to the streets with his partner to investigate the trail of evidence. It becomes clear that not everyone is on the level and he must decide whom to trust.

The single-player campaign of Battlefield Hardline is presented in an introductory Prologue and ten Episodes. Each chapter covers every objective, confrontation, bust, and piece of evidence. Maps give key points of interest as well as all evidence and suspect with warrant locations.

Location: Miami

Detective: Nicholas Mendoza

Partner: Carl Stoddard

Case File(s): None


Suspects with Warrants: Shea Dorsett

Main Objective: Raid the Hotel.

After an introductory scene with Nicholas Mendoza being taken to prison on a bus, we flash back three years to a drug bust at a Miami hotel. This mission introduces you to some of the features of Battlefield Hardline.

Raid the Hotel

Press the Interact Button to knock on the door as voices can be heard panicking on the other side. Press it again to kick it in. Aim the flashlight at the right perp’s face and when prompted, click the Melee Button to arrest him. Do the same to the left criminal. At this point, things get out of hand fast. Crouch behind the table and quickly take out the other three.

Gather Evidence

Move over to the woman’s body, crouch down and pick up the object that sits nearby.

Chase the Suspect

A sixth suspect enters the room, but immediately takes off when he spots the detectives. Run after him, down the hall. At the dead end, he is spotted taking off in his car.

Once behind the wheel, hold down the accelerator and follow the criminal around the city streets—cutting any corner you can. Keep your eyes trained down the street as traffic and other obstacles get in your way at the most inopportune times.

If the player falls too far behind, the game starts the current objective over. As long as the suspect’s automobile is kept in view, things are okay. After the police cars cut the guy off and force a left turn, Stoddard fires out the window at the car, causing the vehicle to crash in spectacular fashion.

Make the Arrest

Once the player is out of the car, approach the driver and arrest him. This completes the Prologue.