If you haven't pre-ordered Borderlands 2 yet, we're tempted to come over to your house, sit you down on your couch, and question why.  This is easily one of the most anticipated sequels of 2012, and for good reason, as it provides improvements to the original on all fronts.

But if it's extra incentive you're looking for, you got it.  GameStop has launched a new pre-order initiative for the game, in which players who put down cash for it will gain access to the special Creature Slaughter Dome starting on day one.

In this mode, you'll be dropped into an arena packed with some of Pandora's nastiest creatures.  Getting through each wave, however, will provide access to a number of additional weapons and experience points, as well as Mad Moxxi's awesome rocket launcher, which you can then make a default weapon as you tackle the game's story mode.

Other companies are likely to offer pre-order exclusives as well, but it's interesting how GameStop has gotten the jump on them with such great content.  We highly suggest checking it out, especially if you like surviving against the odds.

Look for Borderlands 2 on September 18.