Gearbox Software and 2K Games are apparently following the trend that other game makers are going with, bundling together all their DLC packs and offering them for a discount to dedicated players who pony up for a pass beforehand.  And, really, it's a deal that benefits them, even if they have to wait a bit for it.

The companies have officially announced the Season Pass for Borderlands 2, the upcoming sequel where players return to Pandora in an attempt to get revenge on the man who screwed them over, Handsome Jack.  The Pass will include four downloadable content expansions and will set you back $30 -- a savings of $10 over the separately purchased packs.

However, there's a catch -- the downloadable packs aren't set to release immediately with the game.  Rather, they're set to start launching in June 2013 -- nine months later.  But there's probably more than enough to do in the sequel to keep you busy, right?

We'll have more word on Gearbox's goings-on as we're set to attend their special panel this Sunday at PAX.  Be sure to check back for more info -- and fragging, of course.