Gearbox Software, ramping up for their release of Borderlands 2 in just a week's time, has unveiled new information about its forthcoming downloadable character to the game: the Mechromancer. She has a name and it is Gaige.


Gaige brings a number of cool abilities to the game, including the ability to work with a large robot named Deathtrap that she controls with her robotic arm. She also has a skill set that can be expanded upon, though Gearbox hasn't unveiled just what those skills are yet. We're likely to find out this weekend at the company's Borderlands 2 community event in Dallas, which we're attending.


Gaige is available to those who pre-order the game and join up in the Borderlands 2 Premiere Club as a free download. You can also buy her separately once she releases for $9.99, which isn't a bad deal considering what she brings to the game. Did we mention that Deathtrap can thunderclap someone to death?


Borderlands 2 drops September 18th, and Gaige will follow shortly thereafter on October 16th.