We're back with another mailbag, with plenty of fresh questions from readers and Twitter followers.  Some of them are a little ridiculous, but they're always entertaining.


Remember, you can submit questions on our Twitter (instructions below).  Ask us anything.  Unless it's about wearing pants.  We obviously are.


From @toxicdecafDo you prefer bologna or the sweet smell of chamomile and lavender on a Thursday morning with dew drops that twinkle?


Bologna, only because that reminds us to pick up Subway on the way home.


From @5tubbornWhy can't Marcus Fenix come back in new Gears?


The upcoming Gears of War: Judgment is a prequel that focuses on other characters in the series.  Besides, chances are we haven't seen the last of him.  Who knows when Gears of War 4 will emerge…


From @UndeadairlinesWhere does the name "Xbox" come from?


Microsoft's DirectX team started work on the system in 1998, and when they finished the project, it was pitched as "DirectX Box".  Our guess, Microsoft shortened it to make it more marketable.  And why confuse it with DirecTV?


From @vegan8zombieWhy no co-op Kinect sex games?


Because it'd be damn weird playing with your friends.  "Dude, I'm the pitcher, you're the catcher!"


From @woordjes9Does James Cameron know u giving out (Xbox Live Avatar) codes?


Yes, we cleared it with him provided we didn't reveal details from the next two films.  Like the underwater city.  D'OH!


From @Smikey1123- With the cancellation of NBA Live 13, do you feel that the series in jeopardy?


Two entries cancelled in three years, in the prime of their development, doesn't exactly spell good news.  EA Sports insists it'll be back, but, honesty, they should focus on something they know that works.  Like NBA Street.


Another one from @Smikey1123- Do you think the PlayStation All Stars line-up is lacking and are they saving some fan favorites for DLC?


I think they did a great job with the roster thus far, especially with the likes of Dante, Raiden and Nariko included.  But you can bet we haven't seen the last of the roster additions.  I'm actually crossing my fingers in the hopes of seeing Crash Bandicoot and Robbit from Jumping Flash! make the cut.


From @pixolator- What are Prima Games especially looking for when they interview their employees?


I'm not in the hiring office, but I'm guessing a. a love for games, b. a talent for writing, c. the ability to buy Fernando lunch without flinching.  And we don't just mean McDonald's.


From @Hestar69- How does food into poop?  Why did my dad leave me?  Also, how are you guys liking Borderlands 2?


OK, to answer your questions in order…


Food processes in your stomach into poop.  It's not rocket science.


Your dad probably left because you kept asking him how food gets turned into poop.


And we love Borderlands 2.  Don't you?


From @HXboxreviews- If you could mix two games together into an amazing game, what two would they be and why?


Mega Man Soccer and FIFA 13, for obvious reasons.  And let's throw some Mutant League Hockey in there.


Also from @HXboxreviews- Who invented cheese?


Rumor has it that it was created in Greece between 8000 BC and 3000 BC.  We'd look it up but we're too busy playing Borderlands 2.


From @pandaatc- Why is Robert Workman so handsome?


I just am, I guess.  There's a reason I'm dubbed the George Clooney of the game industry.  :D


From @Chronorayven- If you could remake a game already made into another type of genre, what game would it be and why?


Mortal Kombat: Kart Racer.  Because it worked so well on the PS2.  PLUS IT WAS BLOODY!


* * *


That'll do it for this week, kids.  Thanks for contributing, and if you have any wild and kooky gaming questions (or loopy stuff in general), hit up both @primagames and @thedcd on Twitter.  See you next week!