Call of Duty fans have just a little over a month to wait for the release of Black Ops II, and today, Activision didn't make the wait much easier, as it unveiled the first teaser image for its downloadable Nuketown 2025 map.

The ad, mocked up as a postcard, reveals a small bit of the map, which looks like it takes place right in the middle of a decimated suburbia.  No doubt it'll be similar to the original Black Ops versions, complete with mannequins and plenty of cars to hide behind.  Just avoid the fridge – Indiana Jones is probably already in there.

The map is available as a pre-order bonus map, along with a Zombies mode that will also be included with the collector's edition of the game, including the Digital Deluxe Version, the Hardened Edition, and the Care Package.  You can still place one now at your local Gamestop or Best Buy, just in case you've forgotten.

Call of Duty: Black Ops II hits stores on November 13th.