As if you didn’t already have enough game expos on your plate between the Electronic Entertainment Expo, the San Diego Comic-Con and the upcoming PAX Prime, there’s also…the GameStop Expo. Yep, the retailer is holding a public event next month in San Antonio, Texas, open to all Power Up Rewards members and promising a number of playable games during the day that it kicks off, amongst other exclusive events that some gamers will love.


The Expo, which will run from 11 AM-4 PM on August 29, will feature playable demos for God of War: Ascension, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Dead Space 3 and several others from various publishers, and there will also be playable Wii U titles (including a bunch from Ubisoft), as well as autograph signings, goodie giveaways and more.


Granted, we don’t expect this thing to overtake the awesomeness of PAX Prime, but sometimes players just have to take what they can get. Head over to GameStop’s official press release for more information: