There’s been a lot of interest generating from The Human Element, the first project from former Infinity Ward spokesman Robert Bowling and his newly founded team at Robotoki.  Though the game isn’t due until around 2015, you will be able to check out first bits and pieces for the title in a prequel.  It’s been announced that an episodic chapter lead-up into the story will be released, exclusively for the recently Kickstarter-ed OUYA console.

The prequel games are set to focus on the zombie outbreak in its starting stages, which overtakes the city and forces normal people to become heroic in an effort to stay alive.  Though release dates behind the chapters haven’t been unveiled, they’re expected sometime in 2013.  To assure top quality on the titles, Bowling has donated $10,000 to kick off a Kickstarter project for them.  You can contribute at the link below, but it’s already gone over its goal.  Like $4.3 million over.  Insane.

Here’s hoping we see more of Human Element sooner rather than later.  This thing sounds very exciting.