We’re just under 100 days until Activision releases its long-awaited next chapter in the Call of Duty series, the futuristic Black Ops II, and today they had the nerve to tease us even further by releasing an awesome multiplayer trailer for the game, featuring all the cool stuff you can do in it.

First and foremost, check out the futuristic gear.  Not only can you use drones to your advantage in combat (and with extra firepower, no less), but you can also call upon great weapons to stun your enemy, including a sonar cannon that deafens them and electrical charges that stop them in their tracks while you plow bullets into their body.

What’s more, the game features a whole lot of destruction with bullets and explosives, which is usually standard for the Call of Duty franchise, but the developers at Treyarch didn’t forget about the up-close kills, including one with a hatchet right to the face.  Ouch.

Watch it now and we’ll see you on the battlefield soon enough.

Call of Duty: Black Ops II hits stores November 13th.