Search and Rescue in Call of Duty: Ghosts is a game mode not much different from Search and Destroy in previous Call of Duty games. Search and Rescue is like Search and Destroy meets Kill Confirmed. Rounds are short, and you only have one life per round. The offensive team is tasked with picking up a bomb and planting it at one of two locations marked on the mini map. The goal of the defensive team is to prevent this by either eliminating all the opposing players or letting the clock run out. The Kill Confirmed twist is that if one of your teammates falls, you can revive them by claiming their dog tags before the enemy. If you get a kill, you must confirm it by claiming those tags before your opponent does. The game ends when one team wins four rounds, with teams switching sides after the first three.

Offensive Tactics

Be patient and methodical to begin the round. Don't simply rush to the bomb site and fall victim to enemies. Each map features ample flank routes, so think about using one of those. Of course, don't become predictable. If you have success one round, the enemy will adjust going forward. Try taking an alternate route to begin the second round.

If you happen to be the player who picks up the bomb, make sure you're with your teammates for support. Don't just dive on one of the plant sites and hope for the best. Clear the area, set up a perimeter and then arm the bomb. Be sure to go prone to arm the objective. This will allow you to use the plant site itself as cover.

One of the more basic tips, but still worth mentioning, is to alternate which location you plant the bomb at. If you simply go back to the same plant site each round, the enemy will just stack their forces up there. By switching things up, you force the enemy to divide their forces while you and your team can stack up.

Defensive Tactics

Defense can be a little tricky. You have two objectives to cover and no way to know which location the enemy will strike from. The first round, expect an attack at the most easily accessible plant site. If there is any round to concentrate the bulk of your forces in one location, this is the one. Be sure to leave one player to act as a scout at the second location in case adjustments need to be made.

Bringing things full circle, keep some of our offensive strategies in mind. They aren't just our opinions, but habits we've noticed work well on offense. Expect that opposing players will try to flank you and leave them a complimentary IED as a greeting. Even if you don't get the kill, the explosion from the IED will warn you that someone is snooping around that location.

Try to use the buddy system with another player from your team. Don't stick too close together, about 10 feet is sufficient. Remember that two guns are better than one, so teaming up automatically gives you the advantage over lone enemies. Also, if one of you falls, the other is very close by and in position to deny the kill by claiming your dog tags before your opponent.

When the bomb is armed, it takes 30 seconds to detonate. Be very careful here. Most of the time, the offensive team will be watching it. You need to clear the area before defusing. When you defuse it, the same offensive strategies apply. Go prone and use the plant site itself as cover.

Search and Rescue is an excellent addition to the Call of Duty line up. Of course, if it's not your thing, you can find the original Search and Destroy back in the Call of Duty: Ghosts play lists on November 15th.

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