"It's party time!"  The classic driving game Crazy Taxi is still one of our favorites, even if the Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network editions come packed with a soundtrack that just isn't the same.  But there's good news on the way, especially if you own a tablet device.

Sega has announced that it has released Crazy Taxi for the App Store, and it's coming to the Android as well.  The arcade perfect port features both tilt and touch controls, so you can skid around town however you please, and the 60-frames per second animation is completely intact.  For that matter, the company has also brought back the original game soundtrack, featuring the Offspring and Social Distortion.  To which we ask – "we can has a patch to put into console versions…?".

The game is only $4.99, a fair deal for an arcade classic in the palm of your hands.  And you don't even have to show any regard for traffic.  Hey!