With Cuphead releasing very soon, many people have been wondering exactly what time the game will be available to start playing. While you can already pre-load the game, it’s important to know what time Cuphead will release so you can get up bright and early to get beat down by the charmingly difficult title. This article covers the release time of Cuphead so you can plan your schedule accordingly.

Cuphead Release Time

  • 6:00am Pacific - September 29
  • 9:00am Eastern - September 29

If you haven’t already started the Cuphead pre-load, do so now to get that out of the way. The game clocks in at just under 12gb so plan accordingly. You can start playing Cuphead on Xbox One and PC at 6:00am PDT on September 29, 2017. So bright and early tomorrow morning everyone in the world will get their first taste of Cuphead in the comfort of their own homes.

Be sure to check back with Prima Games as we have several tutorials coming up tomorrow and all next week on how to complete the many levels in Cuphead. For now you can check out our YouTube channel for a few levels that are already up to see just how difficult (or easy?) this game can get in the early levels.