First revealing it to the public last year, MadCatz has officially announced that Damage Inc: Pacific Squadron WWII will be coming this year for Xbox 3650 and PlayStation 3.  Like numerous other games of its ilk, it’s a flight combat game that takes place during the Pacific campaign of World War II, pitting you against wily enemies and letting you take on over 100 mission objectives over 23 historically placed goals.

In addition, the company is prepping a Pacific AV8E Flightstick that will be shipped with collector’s editions of the game.  It’ll feature authentic flight style controls that work perfectly for aviator fans, though it’s not yet known if it works with other games like Birds of Steel.

MadCatz is planning a huge reveal for the game next month at E3, complete with multiplayer and co-op set-ups so you can get a feel of taking on – or working with – your friends.  We’ll have a preview of the game shortly following its unveiling, and let you know if it’s worth taking flight with.