Just a few days ago, we unveiled first details about Bungie's latest game project, Destiny, with a reveal article that first came out through IGN.  It sounds like an enticing, ambitious new step for the company, who's been staying in Halo's shadow after all these years.  But it's actually a lot deeper than you think, as the company has been planning this for some time.

How long, you say?  Let's rewind the clock a little bit, going back to the release of Bungie's Halo 3: ODST spin-off.  A dedicated player of that game managed to take a screenshot from one of their most recent play sessions, featuring what appears to be a legitimate advertisement for the upcoming Destiny project.  What's more, the screenshot was confirmed by a member of the development team, indicating that Bungie's been planning it a heck of a lot longer than you might think.

We've included the screenshot above for inspection, but, yep, it's Destiny all right.  Maybe we should delve a little deeper into the classic Halo games and see what else we can find, hmmm?

We'll have more details on Destiny in the months ahead as they're unveiled.