You’ve just booted up Destiny and you aren’t sure where to go from here. With almost two years in the bag, this shoot and loot game can be a bit intimidating to new players. Don’t worry though, we’ve put together this guide to help you choose which class best fits you, that way you can get started on your journey to save the galaxy.


First up we have the armored Titan class. If you find enjoyment out of playing first person shooters as Spartans, then this class is probably going to fit you best. Described as an armored engine of war, Titan’s are the most defensive class in the game. They don’t work the way that Tanks normally do in games like Destiny, though, so you’ll still be a bit squishy along the way.

The Titan’s subclasses are all three divided pretty evenly, with the Striker subclass, which you begin with, being the most offensive. Of course, since The Taken King, the Titan’s received the Sunbreaker subclass, which introduced a flaming hammer of death to the Titan’s offensive lineup. The most defensive subclass for this character, the Defender, which allows you to throw up a barrier field bubble that blocks incoming damage from enemy weapons.


While Titans are the brawn of the Destiny universe, Hunters are the shadow walkers. Specializing in accuracy and stealth, this class features three unique subclasses that help turn the tide of the war by giving providing support for their Fireteam from each and every angle. The Hunter class also specializes in movement, and is one of the quickest moving classes in the game, making it ideal for players who don’t mind being a little bit squishy.

The first subclass you unlock with the Hunter, Gunslinger, is a highly offensive and highly accurate subclass built around causing immense amounts of damage. Featuring three powerful shots, this special ability is useful for taking out heavily armored enemies. Just watch your aim, as it’s easy to miss, and you only have three shots. The second subclass for the Hunter, the Bladedancer, is a fantastic subclass built expertly around stealth and fast movement. The special ability is a lethal lightning fast strike, and it is extremely useful for cleaning house. The Hunter’s newest subclass, Nightstalker, takes some cues from the Gunslinger subclass, however, it also instigates a gel-like Void anchor that holds enemies in place, maximizing damage to all the connected enemies.


Similar to the mage class seen in other MMO-styled games, the Warlock is Destiny’s final class. It specializes in damage per second and support, with two subclasses focused on offensive perks, and the final subclass focusing on support oriented abilities. Warlocks are also extremely squishy when it comes to battles, so players diving into this class will want to stay out of the middle of the battle, and deal damage from the sidelines, where they can easily take cover.

The first subclass for the Warlock, the Voidwalker, is a very offensive based setup. It features the Nova Bomb special, which casts a massive ball of Void energy at your opponents. The skill setup is also very offense-based, and it’s really good at dealing with crowd control. The second subclass, the Sunsinger class, is the Warlock’s support oriented setup. It looks quite similar to the Voidwalker class, but the replacement of the Nova Bomb special with Radiance, which can revive the Warlock upon death, is a massive change that makes this class a go to for Nightfall Strikes and Raids. The third and final class, which was added in The Taken King, is the Warlock’s Stormcaller class. Similar to a Sith’s lightning attack, the Stormcaller super is excellent for chaining kills and clearing crowded rooms.

These are the three classes available to users in Destiny, and while some things have changed since the game first released two years ago, the classes have always been constant. Unlike traditional MMOs, these classes do not work as a trinity, and players should feel free to dive into whichever class best suits their needs and playstyle. Titans are more tank-like. Hunters are like rogues, high damage dealers that rely on stealth and accuracy. Finally, Warlocks are the mages of the Destiny universe. They feature highly powerful magical attacks, and can rely on resurrection and healing skills to stay alive.

We will be covering Destiny extensively in the weeks to come. Be sure to stay tuned for new guides, walkthroughs, and tips as we prepare for the coming release of Destiny: Rise of Iron. The newest expansion pack will be available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on September 20.